I had a chance to tell our marital therapist a few weeks ago about this blog.  He was less than enthusiastic.  His big fear, I suppose, is that by communicating through this blog, I am hiding behind a screen, and not facing my husband to discuss the issues firsthand.  Instead of simply saying “I need to talk to you. I am having a lot of fears and flashbacks this week”, I blog about it, he reads it, and we discuss.  I think as long as the discussion follows, there is no issue. I actually find blogging to be relaxing, and I think it helps me to unclutter my thoughts and feelings.  I also like the support gained from readers, so I hope you will continue to read, share it, pass it on, and link to me.  I will do the same with your blogs if you let me know the URL.



  1. Foolish Woman says:

    Our therapist thought my blogging was a good way for me to deal with some of the difficult feelings I was experiencing.
    I find that the act of writing helps me form more coherent thoughts; it’s a way of untangling the various threads of thought and feelings that seem to get snarled up in my brain. Once I’ve done that, I can then go to my husband with something more concrete to discuss – either that, or I realise that, having analysed it, it no longer bothers me.
    Communicating with other bloggers has also given me support and has lessened the feelings of loneliness and isolation that infidelity confers when one doesn’t want to share it in Real Life.

    You’re on my blogroll.

  2. bikinfool says:

    Would your therapist mind if you simply kept a diary? A blog is really just an extension of a diary where, like Foolish Woman says, we can explore our feelings and distill them down to something we an more easily communicate to our spouses. In theory.

    • You are very right. And no, I don’t think he would mind, because I was keeping one earlier on. I just think he doesn’t want it to replace what should otherwise be face to face communication.

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