All aboard the crazy train

OK it’s not like I don’t have enough to do. I am falling behind at work, my mother’s health is failing and we are making plans around her funeral and will, and now the mistress, who I like to call “Herpes” (because like the disease, she flares up from time to time, but never really ever goes away) is back with a new attack strategy.

My husband came home last night and told me that she has launched a complaint with the human rights commission against him.  She is claiming that he pursued her aggressively, spent years trying to arrange for them to spend time alone together, and orchestrated the means to establish a relationship with her.  She also claims that my husband and I have been a constant and ongoing threat to her daughter, stalking and harassing them continuously (I haven’t had any contact with her on the advice of my lawyer, and take out my frustrations here, so she is nuts – are we shocked?).  In her claim she states that she worries that bringing about this action will make the harassment that my husband and I have supposedly unleashed and put her daughter in danger, and yet she feels she “must do it”.  Gee, I dunno….if I thought something I was about to do might adversely effect my children, I think I might do a 180….hmmmmm.  Bad parenting, or full of shit?  I’ll take a little bit of both for $500 Alex….

In her claim, she claims she was sexually harassed in the workplace, and asks for $50,000.00 in damages.  She further states that she wishes to be reinstated in the job that she was fired from (the one where she worked for my husband).  OK, let me get this straight: you claim that you fear for your safety as a result of his continuous harassment by my husband, and claim that you were sexually harassed at work, and you want your job back?   Am I the only one who doesn’t see the missing piece that pulls the sides of this crazy-puzzle back together?

It is reminiscent to the month prior to her delivering her daughter when she sent my husband an email telling him that she is at the hospital, and in pre-term labour.  At the time, she claimed that she had the option to put herself and her child on some kind of VIP status that would protect them from him and from me, should we choose to physically appear at the hospital.  She begged him to please do the right thing and stop all of this nonsense for the baby’s sake (it bears repeating that we hadn’t done a single thing, on the advice of our lawyer which we heed very seriously), and mentioned that she would be willing to drop the VIP status on her chart if he would stop this behaviour.  What behaviour you ask?  Good question, we are simply not sure what planet she is on.  The funny part of that little side story is that we found it laughable that someone who claims to fear for her safety and that of her baby would email the person they fear and reveal their location.  Also funny that she referred to the baby with our last name.  I don’t know about you, but if I had someone who had sexually harassed me, impregnated me, and then criminally harassed me and I feared for my safety, I don’t think I’d  be giving the baby his surname.  Weird I tell you.

So here we are 8 months later, and the crazy train has pulled back into the station.

The comforting thing is that her human rights claim will not be processed because there is already an open legal case dealing with the ‘wrongful dismissal’ claim that she still has yet to prove successful.  She claims she was fired because I found out about their affair, when in reality she was fired for her crazy behaviour, and because she compromised confidential information at the office. Apparently you can only have one case open on one issue and you can’t abuse the legal system by duplicating processes relating to the same issue.  Thankfully, this one won’t be addressed, but we have the lawyers on it.  This is getting expensive.

So here I sit, shaking my head, wondering when I will find some peace, and when she will leave us alone.  We pay her a cheque every month, and have complied with every request she has made, including her most recent initiative to hire a forensic accountant to delve into the depths of our assets to determine if she is entitled to more money.   We’ve had absolutely NO contact with her since March 2010, that is fourteen months ago.  How she feels harassed I don’t know.  Perhaps it is in her imagination – the same imagination that thought my husband pursued her and loved her.  Someone needs a reality pill.



  1. dotcablogger says:

    From what you’ve been reporting, this woman seems very likely to be using the baby that your husband had unfortunately fathered as a piece for leveraging or to get her way for money and her revenge in hurting you two legally.

    Look I know you can’t tell me more because you can’t compromise yourself for any more legal attack. But I have a firm idea that lawyers can do legally more and retard this woman from using the baby for gain and for revenge.

    You kept the email that she wrote on her exact intention towards the baby: She was going to abort and kill it if your husband would leave you. Or she was going to continue her pregnancy if he stayed with you. This literally shows that the baby is a vehicle for her to use for gain and revenge. Motives like this should be very highlighted so that any judge would rule that further legal pursuit by her is for her gain and revenge and NOT for the baby’s needs.

  2. dotcablogger says:

    Also seriously have your lawyers recommend a forensic accountant for you two to exactly know what her money situation is and to air out the facts that she’s able to financially support herself and the baby. She deserves to have her finances brought to light to show her motives for gain and revenge, and that they’re not motives for the baby.

    • The problem is that once you start “caring” about how the money is spent, you get yourself roped into a relationship. Neither one of us wants to set eyes on this woman (she is actually pretty unattractive, let alone have an ongoing back and forth dialogue about this crap. She is a pretty low income earner with little potential for growth. No wonder she decided to leach onto someone else, she can’t cut it on her own. As soon as we start asking how the money is spent, and offering suggestions, we are part of it, and we would prefer to be as far from it as possible. It is a financial burden and nothing more. We’d like to keep it that way.


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