Just a typical Sunday morning at my house, minus the police report

Woke up this morning feeling hopeless about our situation.  Numerous lawyers and advice, all focusing their energies on resolving the family law side of the issue, and ensuring that the gold digging mistress receives her appropriate tabled amount of child support.  Countless drafts of custody and support agreements, none of which have been accepted by her side of the table because they require her to be accountable.  Instead, she wants to receive more money, and have no accountability for how she uses the money.  Good luck there sweetheart.

So, I wake up feeling hopeless that this little piece of shit is ever going to be out of my life (she pops her ugly little face up on a regular basis).  I’d expressed to my husband how hopeless it feels, and he reassures me that it won’t always be like this.  “Yes it will”.

The phone rang this morning at 8:30.  It was a police constable from the local police station.  Apparently they had tried to reach me on August 29th to deliver this message, but I wasn’t at home.  I was told that the mistress had launched a police report, naming me, and claiming that I have been engaged in ongoing harassment of her over the internet.  “Hmmmm, interesting”, I thought, in light of the fact that I have made no mention of her by name on this blog, and have certainly made no mention of her elsewhere either.  Her name, in my home, is like Lord Voldemort in “Harry Potter”.  She is, essentially, “she who will not be named”.  Her name tastes bad in my mouth, so I don’t utter it, let alone waste my time creating harassing internet fodder about her.

This is just yet another example of how she is trying to remain in our lives and connected to my husband by raising shit and claiming abuse at our hands.  It isn’t enough that she is claiming wrongful dismissal against my husband, claiming that he fired her because she was pregnant (those weren’t his grounds for dismissal and she was clearly told that in writing yet thought a suit might bring her money and so she seeks $100K in damages).  Again, good luck sweetheart.

She has told her lawyers over and over again how she is being harassed by me, my husband, and my husband’s colleagues, and yet she has never once provided proof of said harassment.   Instead, it garnishes her support from her counsel, making her seem like the poor, hard-done-by woman who was forced to have sex with her boss (yeah, right), and then became pregnant, fired and thrown to the street.  Likely story.

So now I have a file on record at the police station.  Personally, I think I’ve had enough of this shit.  My mother lays on her deathbed, a decline which was precipitated by this woman’s behaviour, and we are preparing to lose her at any moment.  This is, I daresay, the LAST thing I need right now.



  1. I am so sorry you are enduring this constant nightmare on top of the pain of dealing with infidelity. While the circumstances are vastly different and I am not entirely convinced that the OW in my case is completely nuts, she has continued to attempt to make contact every month or two, even though the last actual contact with my husband was 1 1/2 years ago after six months of no contact – and I triggered that with an email to her because I had just found out that the affair had actually been physical. I know how much pain it causes me every time she pops up, even though my husband and I decided that I would be the one to respond. Our counselor has been opposed to any response, but we have found that she escalates from small wistful reminder gestures to life disrupting actions. When I respond, she goes away – at least for a little while.

    I am lucky enough not to live in the same town as she, and do not have to worry about running into her in the neighborhood or at work, but she is friends with friends, so she will continue to be a part of my future. The crazy OW will continue to part of your life because she is the mother of a child that will always be tied to your family. She actually sounds out of control enough that the legal or medical system may take her out of your life. I am glad you are going to counseling, especially as you are dealing with the possibility of another huge loss in your life. You are definitely in my thoughts.


  1. […] time, it appears the babymama has contacted the police not once, but twice, to report me.  The first report was made in August 2011, at which time I was telephoned by a constable at the district station for the area in which I […]

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