The woman is a joke…you can all start laughing now

OK this takes the cake…she sent an email today which my husband just shared with me. In it, she has managed to try and twist every little factoid of their brief relationship into a made for TV movie in which she is the victim at the hands of me….ummm yeah, ok.

Apparently, because she has access to our financial records (Visa bills for a few consecutive months) which show where we spent money, she saw a payment made to a parking lot in the vicinity of her home. She claims to have taken a walk that day, saw my husband’s car, turned in fear for her safety and found refuge in a church. She thought he would try to kill her and the baby, she claims. Meanwhile, I had been the one to go to that parking garage earlier in the day in order to make an address change at one of the only kiosks that I know of where I could change all of my government documents in the wake of a recent home move. Nice story though sweetheart, you should be a screenwriter.

She has also accessed my twitter feed again, and seems to have taken everything I write, and looked at it through the lens of “how could this be about ME?”. Yeah, cause that is what I do, I spend my time on the internet tweeting to thousands of people online about you, and when I write about my happiness it is because I am thinking of you, and when I tweet that I won a raffle recently, it is to rub it in the face that I have money and you don’t, and when I tweet that I am dressing up as halloween as someone who is an inside joke in my house, you claim that I am planning to dress up as you? Yes, you are a standing joke in my house, but so is Stuey Griffin, and that was my outfit. Maybe next year though, k?

Wow….she just elevated herself to a new level of crazy. And just when I thought the elevator to nutsville didn’t go any higher…apparently someone holds an all-access key to the hidden levels of INSANITY that those of us down below can’t even fathom, let alone have the chance to visit.

Well, at the very least, it just reaffirms my belief that we are so much happier than her. Christ that email must have taken her hours to compile. And the content claims that I am unnaturally obsessed with her? Geee, stalk me much sweetie? Get off mu twitter account, and get a freakin life. You might want to spend some time tending to that kid. I just gave you $27K….go buy yourself a life, on me.




  1. Unfortunately, I have had to endure this type of “false- victimization” innuendo crap, for 10 years… that I, the evil wife, am somehow “stalking” and terrifying the babymama …that I am still out to get the OW and to do harm to her spawn (conveniently named after my husband) !!!!
    It first started with the OW calling my H and telling him that she “suspected” I broke into her home, stole things and thus she filed a police report. … Which forced me to hire a lawyer, call the police in CA. …clear across the USA on the other coast and deny the accusation. (Doing the prudent thing which my lawyer advised. which is to “ALWAYS CLEAR YOUR NAME” ! ) And the police said… “she never filed a report” !!! PSYCHO ….. TWILIGHT ZONE music… The same sorts of slander, lies and distortions have continued for years. It is called projection… (so remember what they accuse you of is most likely, … what they’ve done to you in the dark.
    This is straight out of these borderline-histrionic hoors “poor-me” playbook. They will continue to try to get your H not to trust his vindictive wife …hoping that he will “finally” come to his senses, protect her and the innocent OC… and come running to her rescue. …Leaving the big, bad (FAT) , evil WIFEY for her. DREAM_ON !!! They are so easy to read, it’s absurdity…. but the humor in all this (you have to laugh at them or else, you will go insane) is that they actually think they are so clever and special….They are so deep in the delusion pond, mentally damaged… and sadly these parasites never get over “losing”. YOU can count on this sick behavior…, so watch YOUR BACK newbie !

  2. dotcablogger says:

    Why not, all the husbands out there, get a vasectomy so that if the guy cheats, then the wife won’t get bothered??? Bothered with legal law suits and demands for money to pay for the mistress’s baby??? The wife would at least be spared by the baby not being conceived by her philandering husband.

    • I’d love to think that the only thing that “bothered” me in this whole ordeal was the conception of a child. Truthfully, the thing that bothers me the most was the systematic betrayal by someone I love and adore, and who professed to love and cherish me. To know that he deliberately set up ways to meet and communicate with another woman, to have clandestine meet-ups, to exchange steamy emails….those are the things that bother me. Had he been “neutered” as you suggest, I wouldn’t have been spared any ‘bother’. I would have been spared child support payments that he has to make, but those are HIS to concern himself with. The baby was just icing on the cake. I’d have been bothered either way.

    • Ooops. I didn’t get email notifications to this post of mine. But I wanted say, I was joking in a dark humour sense. So sorry.

      Anyway, I know that you would have been hurt either way. Which is either by a conceived baby or if the baby weren’t born.

  3. I spent last night and today reading through your blog. I see a lot of parallels between your story and mine though I’ve been fortunate that my partner didn’t father a child with the woman he cheated on me with and her Borderline Personality Disorder doesn’t drive her to quite such extremes in behaviour.

    One major problem though is the fact that she is his ex and they have a child together whom lives with us. I have been in this child’s life since he was 2. I was there when his mother was too busy drinking and slutting around to have her son. I was there to care for him when my partner needed someone to watch him. While I was caring for our new daughter and his son (in addition to his older son at times) in her absence he was sneaking out at night to fuck her. While I played mom to their son he was getting blowjobs from her in MY car. And so on…

    Though the “affair” was short lived I have her son whom lives with us as a constant reminder of her and we deal with ongoing custody issues and her self-serving behaviour on a daily basis. She will never be out of our lives and I have to accept that. She quit her job and lives off her boyfriend so she can get free legal council (legal aid) while my partner has been forced to self represent because we can’t afford to get a lawyer ourselves. Lucky for us she spent a good 3 years behaving in a way that was not befitting a mother role and it’s unlikely she will get custody with or without the benefit of a lawyer.

    I can fully understand the impact that your childhood has had on you as mine had similar impact. I really “get” that knowledge that you can trust no one but yourself and how asking for help feels like failure etc. I briefly went to therapy in my mid 20’s and that therapist labelled me as “the emotional equivalent to a burn victim” and later offered to treat me for free. I stopped going though when I felt that every session was becoming a huge pregnant pause waiting for me to have some sort of emotional breakdown over the horror of it all. While it’s true my childhood has impacted me and how I deal with others on an unconscious level and at times negatively it is not something that I will cry over because I am past the point of having to cry over it.

    Anyhow, I didn’t intend on leaving an essay comment so I apologize for that. Just wanted to stop by and say you’re definitely in good company here and there are those of us who might have understanding of you and your situation that extends beyond the affair aspect of things. I’m sorry you’ve had to endure all the hardships that you have and I only hope that you and your husband can find a semblance of normal eventually and maybe even be truly happy despite all this crap. All the best…

    P.S. You’re most welcome to visit my blog My story is incomplete right now as I only recently started the blog but I will finish very soon.

    • Thank you for commenting. I am so glad to read your comments. Wow, your story sounds horrible too….I feel so badly. I will subscribe to your blog and hear what you have to say. Thank you for following mine and being supportive 🙂

  4. Recovering Wayward says:

    Hi. I’m new to your blog – and I’m in the same position as your husband — I had an affair and we are in recovery.

    We also dealt with a crazy OW – the bunny boiler. If I had advice for you – it would be this: Don’t tolerate this any longer. Get a restraining order. That’s what we did. Took her to Court. Just getting served with the papers pretty much stopped 99% of the contact from her. She was starting to make small contacts with me in January, but it stopped 3 weeks ago when I had a mutual friend tell her that I was ready to go back to the Judge.

    That’s the only way. As far as recovery, I would suggest strongly Dr. Harley’s books and concepts. Our marriage in many ways has never been better than it is now. Good luck to you.

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