Shutting the curtains on my life…and a blog recommendation

I’ve mentioned many times on this blog that my husband’s whore stalks me. Not only did she discover where we live after we moved, she also stalks me online, monitoring what I write on the social media site “twitter”. Twitter, for those who don’t know, is a place where individuals post their thoughts, funny quips, advertisements, quote of the day…you name it, but you have to do it in 140 characters or less. For someone like me, who is admittedly verbose, the restriction is welcomed practice at being succinct.

I started my twitter account many years ago, possibly a year after its inception. I started it as a way of growing my business connections. I wanted to connect with others in my field, and then become introduced to vendors or products that would help my business, as well as other professionals in my industry. For me, twitter is more of a passtime, and by that I mean, I PASS TIME. If I am in line, I will check twitter, and post something random about the day, something funny that happened, a special or promotion to attract new clientele, a joke, or some other random thought. Much of the time, twitter ends up being more social for me, than business, but is a welcome diversion sometimes. I laugh at what others post, find recipes and images that are funny and add levity to my day. In short, I enjoy my time on twitter….until today.

This morning, after some conversation with friends about the happenings with the psycho whore, I decided that posting on twitter isn’t worth the hassle she brings to my life, and I cancelled the account.  Well, I didn’t cancel it so much as I have locked it to further followers and have made reference in the biographical description that I will no longer be posting to it due to a psycho delusional stalker. As part of the finality that I just posted about the other day, I am trying to savour what life can feel like without this woman in my everyday life.  With a restraining order set against her, I no longer have to wonder if she is sitting outside my house, or questioning whether the blonde woman who just walked by was her.  I no longer have to worry when I open my email that my husband will have forwarded me an email relating to the case at hand, showcasing more intolerable behaviour on the part of this crazed lunatic. In essence, I am looking forward to not having to look over my shoulder all the time.  I imagine it must feel pretty….quiet.  I look forward to it.

What irks me, in the end, is that I have had to curb the activities that I enjoy in order to live my life in peace.  How someone can march into your life, try to steal your husband, sleep with your spouse, become pregnant by him, demand money, harass, stalk, create false police and legal claims which cost us money to refute….and *I* should suffer?  What the hell did I do?  I didn’t sleep with the whore….from what I hear, it wasn’t really worth it, anyway.

It just angers me that these crazy borderline personality whores feel entitled to enmesh themselves into your life, like a virus that constantly mutates in order to continue its attack on the host.  It also angers me that the legal system doesn’t seem to have any provisions in the Family Law code to protect innocent wives and their matrimonial share of the couple’s financial assets from being appropriated by the whore and her spawn (I have to thank sperm donor’s wife for turning me on to that term….I will use it and think of you).

If you enjoy my blog, and want to read another reader’s blog, I would like to direct you to her page.  She writes very well, and is very informed about the goings on in mistress world, cheating, and lust-spawn.   She has coined the mistress perfectly….and her writing is very entertaining.  She too has suffered at the hands of someone who felt entitled to what is hers, and she is fighting to protect her civil rights and freedoms.  I applaud her, and hope to learn from her.  Her website can be found here:



  1. Excellent post 🙂

    And yet I’ve gotten worried about calling the other woman’s current baby (which is only a baby) names like “spawn”, etc. I’ve gotten worried because your anger is resonating with hate found in history. Found in situations of adults despising other adults (because of crimes, moral wrongs committed).

    In several situations, the babies of the adults in the perceived wrong are attacked. At the personal level, it’s been anger like yours. So has only been an anger that’s not acted upon because the laws didn’t provide legal action. On a broader level, one society had demonized the babies & children of the other, and had committed genocide of those babies & children. Such acts were legally allowed. To a lesser extent, the kids were punished for sins committed by the father or mother. That’s well referenced in the Hebrew Torah or Old Testament …and is also described in other literature.

    I really understand your outrage. But before you don’t believe me, please hear me out because I’ve been through trauma myself. It was a crime, and I had to go to court.

    Anyway, can you reflect that this baby doesn’t deserve your venting, anger and hate because well …that baby is just this: a baby??? I ask you to, at least, try.

    I know that this baby will grow, and someday be a young kid. Eventually, 20 years from now, you may have reason to call that young person names. When that time comes, this baby will be a young adult. Nobody has a problem with two adults having reasons against each other. But in this year of 2012 and up until age 18, this young human won’t be an adult.

    I know that you don’t believe me because I don’t share your situation. However, again I’ve had to go to court like you, and actually be in front of a judge.

    Anyway, I am worried about you harbouring and also cultivating a hate towards this baby. Can you consider to one day drop your anger towards this baby??? Or when it’s 20 years from now, can you imagine yourself not being angry towards this baby?

    • I think you may have grossly misunderstood.

      I never mentioned I felt hatred toward the baby. I’ve mentioned time and time again that I am concerned for this child being raised by a mentally ill psychopath. As someone with a mental health background, I have valid reason for my concern.

      My post above mentioned no hatred for the baby. I simply refer to her as “spawn” because I think the term is funny. Reminded me of something born of something horrid…and that’s what she is. That child is half of my husband…no hatred. Please don’t twist my words or make inaccurate assumptions.

      • dotcablogger says:

        I apologize. If you are using “spawn” as a joke, then that’s okay :).

        Anyway, it wasn’t my intent to twist your words. Again if “spawn” were a joke, then whatever about that.

        Also what I wrote did have some valid points. Even if the kid were born from Satan, the kid can still surprise me with his/her own mind and choices separate from the Devilmama.

        Anyway, I’m sorry :).

      • No, I am not using it as a joke, I am using it to refer to an unwanted being…wanted by her, spawn to me. Before you go off on me and tell me that calling her spawn isn’t acknowledging that she is a human being who will grow up to be a productive member of society (not likely given her lineage for 2 generations), she is very much a human being – an unfortunate one whose mother used to very existence to profit financially, who held her life in the balance, and only determined she was WORTH keeping when she realized her ‘boyfriend’ wasn’t going to stay with her, a child who was USED to invoke punishment to others. She isn’t to blame, I don’t hate her, but I am certainly not joking about it, and have come to appreciate the term for what it is in this situation….an unwanted offspring.

  2. Also, please, don’t write me off and not ever again approve my comments. I’m truly empathizing with the garbage you’re standing up against. It’s gross.

    I’ve only been getting a reservation about directing name calling to the baby.

  3. I also just got an idea:

    How about write a story about this??? I mean, make it a fictionalized published novel???

    You have the rights to do this, and also under a pen name of your choice.

    Actually, that will be a very poetic justice for you. It’s justice by literature because: You have the right to publish with names changed. You have the right to write by a pen name to protect your own identity. You have a right to fictionalize places and events to protect your identity and yourself from any legal action this lady might be tempted to try.

    Well, a book always gets the last say for sure. …Which is why the pen is always mightier.

  4. Oh yes, Spermdonorswife is a GREAT blog too!!!! If I didn’t know better, I would think you guys are the same person. Both have a unique perspective and have the OW NAILED down to a T.

    • I think all women who experience the pain and hurt of another woman sleeping with their husband and choosing to procreate share the same story. The main difference, of course, is that her OW lied asking for his semen in order to have a baby, and then 8 years later she came knocking for money. Both OW are maniacal, manipulative, delusional and psychotic. We all share that same understanding.

  5. lamehousewife says:

    You are in my prayers, sister…

  6. Believe me, I have no hatred towards the child either. I would rescue him from the clutches of his sick mother if I could. HE is a victim, just as I am. But, I will not be brow beaten into being politically corrected or “silenced”, as not to offend the sensibilities of others reading a blog. FREEDOM of EXPRESSION. READ at your own peril. The OW and her EX husband have made their agenda very clear to me. … Their child from their marriage is NONE of MY BUSINESS. SO SUCK AIR and PAY for her PROCREATIVE CHOICES ! I have NO control over, NO influence over, No contact or any social RELATIONSHIP with “IT”. “IT” has been spawned by it’s monster psychopath of a mother to be used to inflict harms against me, deliberately. So excuse me if I call an instrument of evil what it was meant to be. It is an instrument of emotional terrorism and it continues to be PROGRAMED with HATE against my husband and his family and specifically against his father’s wife. “IT” continues to be isolated from others so it’s mother can control him. “IT” is being subjected to Emotional ABUSE to continue the HATRED it’s mother has. To continue to inflict harm out of jealously, envy and greed. Tell me how you excuse her justifying behavior … but want to nit-pit my choice of colorful characterizations. Your unwarranted verbal attack shows perhaps a hidden animosity towards innocent spouses ?? … N’est PA ???

    Thanks for exposing my evolving public record of the facts. Even if it is perhaps offensive to others. This sort of attack on your marriage tends to “JADE” one’s language. Jesus had no problem using the word “SATAN” either. Collateral damage that’s what I have become …for I understand I am forever changed by this unrelenting, generational attack on my family’s interests and income. I will not crawl into a hole or be silenced. That is exactly the plan the OW thinks I should pursue. To quote: ” get out of HER life”.
    Peace and Love to all !

  7. Exhibit A
    The SCIENCE BEHIND why we loathe John Edwards …. Time Magazine

    “JE is the putrefied meat of the American political system — literally, as far as your brain is concerned. Think about Edwards for a moment — the perfect hair, the honey voice, the oleaginous smile. Your lip curled ever so slightly, didn’t it? A teensy bit of bile may have risen in your throat.
    The lip curl is a threat display, the bile is an attempt to purge a toxin. Both were triggered at least partly by your pre-frontal cortex and your temporal lobes — and both would have also occurred if you’d smelled a piece of food gone bad.
    Nasty stuff, to be sure, more than enough to exclude a man permanently not just from the political arena, but even from polite company. And yet there’s a certain deliciousness to the way we loathe Edwards. We dismiss a mass killer like Osama bin Laden with a simple “rot in hell.” We dismiss O.J. Simpson with a simple “rot in jail.” ….
    There are a lot of things that make the ex-senator the pariah he is, and the brain is indeed one of biggest players. It was only in the last decade or so, with the widespread use of functional magnetic imaging (fMRI), that neurologists discovered the overlapping circuitry that governs morality and disgust.

    “There is literal disgust and moral disgust, and the two overlap,” says Jonathan Haidt, professor of psychology at the University of Virginia. “Betrayal, hypocrisy, certain kinds of baseness trigger the brain’s moral response.”
    By contrast, victims who had themselves cheated someone else earlier in the study would elicit a much weaker neurological response. Edwards, a bad guy who cheated a sickly and suffering woman, practically makes our brain lobes explode……”

    And there you have it……….the WHYS of the literal disgust and moral disgust associated with Betrayals, Hypocrisy and other certain kinds of BASENESS from a non repentant sperm stalker !!!!
    BASENESS… OKAY, I have to use this term more often to explain EVIL in disguise.

  8. dotcablogger says:

    I get it Spermdonorswife. I’ve had garbage dumped on me like you. I won’t get into them because this blog is not my place for them. And I sense engaging you is getting on a tangent or into an argument. Anyway, I’m not being politically correct, and I’m also a policitally incorrect Canadian living in Canada.

    Anyway, I’m not against you Spermdonorswife or anything else that is like the siege you’ve been in. I know that you or any other wife doesn’t deserve that. It’s truly crappy.

    However, just hear me out on this: Calling a baby or a kid names like “It” can’t be supported. Yes you’re being victimized but the kid is still a human being and will make his/or her own choices when a teenager and then later as an adult. The “It” will make choices that are contrary to what the parents (or crazed mother) wants. The “It” will defy programming by choices that will surprise each of us.

    My dad is an example. He had two crazy parents, and left home when he was 15 or 16. They told him all sorts of junk, but he still was his own person. So when he became a teen, he buzzed off and didn’t bother with remembering the junk they fed him. Then he married in his late 20s, and had myself and my brother. And his story is one among many examples of kids defying parents.

    Parents’ influence is also overrated to an extent. Institutions outside of parents – like schools, music clubs – open avenues for kids while growing up into their adulthoods. I’m a parent and I know that my daughter is going to defy some of the things that I ever so much want her to believe.

    Or I’m only saying that the young human beings, who are kids, can surprise us with their independence of mind. They will surprise us by making challenges to what they’ve been taught and been force fed. And I’m not saying this in theory. This has happened, and is happening.

    So, that’s what I mean: I can’t demean a baby or kid with bywords because I know they are humans that will challenge what’s being force fed to them. Or I can’t call them a weapon or “It” (as in, the terminator, etc.) because the only weapon they truly are is a double edged sword. Just a sword that cuts the bearer too.

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