When the smoke blows in your face, it rarely tastes good

I just learned today that the crazy, manipulative, drama mama made another police complaint against me.  Man, this woman has a lot of time on her hands.  Should I be surprised given that she is making almost $4K per month in child support and childcare costs from us?  She is making more from having had this baby, than she was ever making in her career.  She has no need to work anymore….she can just stay home and collect the moolah.

In her copious free time, it appears the babymama has contacted the police not once, but twice, to report me.  The first report was made in August 2011, at which time I was telephoned by a constable at the district station for the area in which I live.  Because I wasn’t home, they left a message with our sitter, but the details were sketchy, and frankly I thought it was a crank caller.  Come October, I received the call, detailed in the post I’ve linked to above, and spoke with a constable who provided me with a “warning” and asked that I cease all contact with the mistress.  I asked him what evidence she had provided to substantiate her claim, and I was told that there was none, and that the call was merely to let me know they were closing the file.  Of course there was no evidence….I’ve not harassed nor stalked this pitiful example of humanity since I’ve ‘known’ of her.  Her lunatic mind has concocted a bunch of stories, none of which are grounded in truth or reality, so I’ve learned to be less concerned.  I was. admittedly, quite shaken by the call, as it isn’t every day that you get a call from the police.  But, I would have been much better equipped to handle it, had the constable not spoken to me in a tone as if to assert that I was considered guilty, when I, in fact, was not.  I ended the phone call, and immediately wrote it off as ‘just another pathetic move by the sad and lonely woman whose life belongs in a trailer park”. On with life already.

Come November, I was part of an online event for individuals in my industry, and needed to tweet the details of the event to my following on twitter, so that they could get involved and spread the word.  In order to do this, I would have to unprotect my twitter account, to allow new followers to make contact in the wake of the event.  For the month of November and December, my twitter account was reopened, after almost 6 months of lockdown.  I was originally apprehensive about doing this, as the mistress seems to enjoy her sideline view of my life, and I am not keen on giving her a front row seat to my life.  But, I was hopeful that perhaps a 6 month “palm-in-the-face” each time she has tried to access my twitter site would dissuade her from checking in.  I was wrong.  She is obsessed.  After 6 months, she hadn’t relented, and was obviously making repeated check-ins to see if I had unlocked the account, or perhaps she just googles me daily….either way, she is infatuated with me to a sick degree.  When she found the account was open, she decided she would read each and every tweet.  Sick….I know.

Soon the emails started coming from her lawyer, claiming that I was tweeting about her.  Interestingly, she started taking what I wrote on twitter, and making the assumptions that I was talking about her.  This poor woman has given herself far more credit than she actually deserves, and seems to believe that I am far more impacted by her than I actually am.  When I wrote that a song reminded me of a ‘certain someone’, she claimed I was talking about her, and ran to her bargain basement lawyer.  We got an email, warning us that my ‘behaviour would not be tolerated”.  When I posted to a friend that I would be sending her an email exchange between me and a client of mine which I thought she would find interesting, the little maggot thought I was talking about her, and sharing her emails with the legal details of her case with my friends online.  Loser.  It seems anything that I write is assumed to be about her.  Guess what sweetheart, my world does not revolve around you, and I do have legitimate conversations and daily dealings that have nothing to do with you.  You don’t permeate my every day, and are far less thought about or considered than you seem to think that you are.  Get a life.

In December, when I was told that she would be launching a new complaint with the Police, I decided I’d had enough.  The calls from the police with false allegations were, in and of themselves, harassing.  I don’t want to have to deal with her crap when I pick up my phone, and have to defend myself against this garbage.  I decided I would contact the police and let them know that this was going on.  I figured future complaints from her needed to be taken in context with the nutbar that she is, and that perhaps they would take them with a BOULDER of salt the next time she made another claim.  I sent them all of the hurtful emails, text messages, threatening messages, and examples of her twitter-stalking, and today they asked me to come into the precinct to meet with them in person.  I was thankful for the opportunity.

I sat with two detectives who had taken the time to read through the material.  They were, to be blunt – shocked.  They were amazed by the inhumanness of her emails to me, especially in the wake of the affair, when confronted by the woman who she’d wronged, she decided to  try and hurt me further.  Had she not thought she’d done enough?  Apparently not.  They were shocked by her communications and agreed that sounded looney.  In the end, they said that they wished to call her and caution her against any further communication with me or monitoring of my online presence.  I agreed to this, and felt that it may be the only way to get her to stop, so I agreed. They also suggested that I get a peace bond from the Justice of the Peace for my own protection.

Within an hour of leaving the precinct, I received a call from the officer to whom I had given my statement.  Apparently, in her words, she had “called Ms. XXX, and cautioned her.  It didn’t go very well”.

Me:  Can you qualify what you mean by “it didn’t go very well?”
Officer: Well basically she lost it on the phone.
Me:  Lost it?
Officer: She is very angry.  She started screaming and became hysterical.  So, my partner and I will be paying her a home visit?  I would suggest that you be very careful of your person and personal surroundings over the next while.  She appears very unstable, and I just want you to make sure that you are extra vigilant these next few days.
Me: Because you think she will try and hurt me?
Officer: We don’t know, but given her reaction, it is just a precaution.
Me: You are going to her home?  Why?
Officer: I spent about 15 mins trying to arrange a time to see her.  She refused to see me, and became very angry, claiming that she is the victim here.
Me:  Of course she did. What else is new?
Officer:  Well I told her that I don’t like to conduct these things over the phone, and prefer to see who I am talking with. I told her that she too should have the opportunity to ensure that I am who I say I am, and meet with me to discuss.  My partner will be paying her a visit.  We are headed over there now.
Me:  Prepare yourself for the waterworks, and the sob story pity-party.
Officer:  We will be in touch to let you know what transpires
Me:  I’d like to thank you for all of your help, and for going the extra step to ensure this is handled appropriately.  I really appreciate it.

I got off the phone with the officer, and I have to admit that a smile crept to my face.  I found it comical that she reacted so ridiculously to the phone call, took it as such an affront, and yet has no problem dishing that same thing out to me.  It is fine for her to call the cops on ME and to have them call MY home to issue me a warning, but when the smoke is blown back in her face, she realizes it doesn’t taste so good.  Reaping what you’ve sown?  You mess with fire…you get burned.  I hope this will at least make her think twice about continuing her ridiculous behaviour, let it go, and just MOVE ON ALREADY.  We have.

I hope she sleeps well tonight having reaped a little of what she’s sown. Now she just needs a skank whore to sleep with her husband, become pregnant by him and use her spawn as a cash-grab to get free handouts using the legal system….oh and the skank whore has to then harass her for more than 2 years, threaten her, rack up her legal bills and create false claims against her.  I can guarantee that if she reacts like THAT to a phone call from the police, the other scenario would tip her off her already unbalanced rocker.  The funny thing is, that I don’t think she has EVER ONCE put herself in my shoes to realize that my reactions are absolutely justified…she would not have reacted with nearly the class, decorum and integrity that I have…she doesn’t have it in her.



  1. Honestly, I can’t even imagine. I hope the tide is turning and the world is beginning to see her for who she really is. Unfortunately, her child is an innocent victim in all of this. Will your husband have any contact with the child, especially if the crazy woman flips out completely and is no longer able to care for him/her? I just know from a family situation that this situation will never be “over” – your children now have a half sibling who they may eventually wish to know, and the child will certainly be curious about his or her father and half siblings. While the mom sounds like the spawn of hell, the baby is an innocent infant sentenced to a life with an awful person with no recourse, so I do feel pity for the baby.

    • I like to think that karma will step in, and that these women will be exposed for who and what they are. A person this screwed up cant possibly have functional relationships. She can’t have fulfilling friendships, and wil likely never find herself in a satisfying romantic partnership. She can’t be reasoned with, she refuses to let things go, she agonizes and torments and manipulates to get what she wants at the expense of others. Doesn’t sound like good marriage material to me. There is obviously a reason she has never been married. There is something fundamentally wrong with her. People with BPD simply can’t have relationships because their very nature prevents them from providing their partner with what is needed for a healthy and lasting partnership.

      If this woman were in my shoes and I’d slept with her husband, you can bet she’d be all over me, threatening to kill me, and turning her psycho ways in the other direction. Funny that although I’ve been calm and collected throughout this
      Process, she still can’t put herself in my shoes and identify with why I might be a little bit justified in my anger? In my anger, it has never once been directed at her and yet she claims I am a lunatic. For what, getting on with my life? Not letting you in? Fighting for my marriage and family? See, if she can’t understand that those things are worth me fighting for, then she can’t possibly ever have an appreciation for it, and will likely never be blessed with it.

  2. I will never forgot the shocking realization of just how twisted , evil and mentally perverted these sperm stalkers truly are…. it happened when her landlord showed me her emails that attacked me claiming QUOTE… ” I was a threat to her child and that SOMEHOW ??? I was “making it my life’s mission” to keep my Husband having a Relationship with her spawn (meaning – her) and that I was preventing him from getting any money he deserved” … to support her spawn. This was in 2003. Three years since the birth of her child. Three years she had wasted in not filing for CS or even establishing paternity… Somehow, that she was telling others that EVERYTHING WRONG IN HER LIFE WAS MY FAULT… calculating blame-shifting mentality or delusional psychosis ??? Then she continued to sit on her legal rights to get support or start visitation ( a relationship) by establishing any legal paternity for another 5 YEARS !!! (9 years total of lack of action)
    …. I also will never get over one of her supporting skanks bemoaning the fact that why was I complaining, …. “I had gotten my husband back”…wasn’t that enough ??? WTF, ??? Holy mother of God ??? What sort of sick thinking is that. How dare I be SO INAPPROPRIATE of a WIFE and try to suggest we resolve legal issues in a timely manner ? Like it was not my place to act like a concerned STEP-MOTHER by design ! THESE BDP babymamas are the high conflict personalities that are making it their mission in life to limit the impact a betrayed wife (step-mother) has with their child. It’s the playbook. They get away with the lies because no one wants to believe these monsters don’t put the best interests of their children first. WE know better, it is always about the GUTTER trash ‘s needs First. The spawn is merely a tool to achieve her agenda. That agenda being… to drive a wedge into a marriage and destroy it. If she can’t win… she is going to do everything to make the loyal wife’s life miserable.

  3. OPPS… meant to type “FORGET” …. not that I have forgotten.

  4. Ok, I am now almost certain you are not in the United States because this would because the police do not contact your home, charges are filed with the commissioner. Wow, this woman is crazy. She wanted YOUR husband, and now she will stop at nothing to attempt to ruin your life because she did get what she set out to get.

    There has to be something you can do legally. What about a no-contact order. Something. I still believe you need to have this whole thing re-visited in court. It just seems completely off that you guys are paying so much. Clearly, she needs help.

    • We are in Canada. We had a non-contact order added into the child support order in court. She is restrained from contacting us or coming within a certain perimeter of our home and work places. We agree to have my husband mutually restrained also because little whore didn’t like being the only one who had to abide by a process. He happily agreed to a self-imposed restraint to ensure she would sign, because he had no intent of ever coming within any prescribed distance of her ever again. We pay as much as we do in child support because support is based on the income of each and she has purposefully remained under-employed while my husband earns a good income so the disparity means she pays very little for the kid she never wanted.

      • God, I feel for you! This is nuts, I feel like Im reading a novel right now! She seems very bitter. I think she thought the child would be the ultimate trap, and that failed. How does your husband feel about not seeing the child?

        I would NEVER be able to deal with another child. You are like me. I have told John before that god forbid he ever got someone pregnant we would have to move away and he is to have absolutely no contact with the child. I know that may sound cold to some, but I don’t care. I agree with what you did 100%

      • Read “dancing with the devil”.

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