Sometimes in this big lonely sea, you find another person bobbing along like you…

A commenter posted on the blog yesterday who has been through what I am going through.  Yes, many people have been through affairs, or one night stands, or even years of cheating.  Wendy, however, had the commonality of another child having been born of the affair.  I was intrigued.  I want to know how she handles it, how she accepted and welcomed the child into their lives and home, and how four years later she is working through things.  I wanted to link you to her page, so that you can follow her too 😉




  1. dotcablogger says:

    Her blog looks awesome. I like the theme :). I hope you get some positive perspective from her.

  2. dotcablogger says:

    I like this Wendy :). And she’s not continually crushed by the fact of what happened. I mean, she is doing better with her feelings :). It looks like she’s formed some closure. In all, I like how she writes.

    Here’s a part from her blog

    >>My main motivating reason was to try to reach out to others in the same situation. When I first found out about the affair, I Googled it, and found very little information at that time. Even now, I can find some blogs and websites about surviving infidelity and moving on without your spouse, but almost nothing about surviving infidelity and staying with your spouse. And of course, next to nothing about the ‘other child.’

    That is what hooked me. I’ll read more later :).

  3. Thanks for the shout out. =) At some point, I eventually got tired of feeling sorry for myself and missed feeling ‘happy.’ Granted, its been almost 4 years for me since disclosure and time makes a HUGE difference. This doesnt mean I dont have my bad days every now and then, but for the most part Im able to control the anger and not let it control me. Being angry only gives more power to the other woman, and she doesnt deserve it.

    Looking forward to chatting with you more.

  4. Wendy I got your email – thank you! In fact, I was so engrossed in your e-mail, I burnt my dinner 🙂

    Will reply when I have some time to devote lots of attention as I have lots to say!

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