Stuck in the middle with you

I was recently reflecting on the first day I met the whore.  Someone asked me if I knew who she was, and when I said that I had met her, I was reminded of when, and how.

It was July 16th, 2009.  It was about 2:30 in the afternoon.  It was at Starbucks.

My husband had arranged to meet with his whore for a work meeting.  Yes, it was a work meeting, and not a shag-a-thon.  They were in the process of starting up his business, and they were brainstorming ideas for the week ahead, as they transitioned into his own office space.  They decided to meet up at Starbucks that afternoon.  Meanwhile, we’d also been invited out for Dim Sum with a friend of ours named Amy.  Her son is friends with ours, and the two have attended school together for many years.  As we sat there, enjoying lunch with this woman, she became emotionally distressed, her husband having recently left her and the children to pursue a relationship with a young college-aged student.  Needless to say, she was crushed, and when the conversation turned in that direction, her eyes welled up with tears, and she fought them back.  Feeling that perhaps this was, perhaps his cue to leave, my husband suggested that he would take the train up to meet his co-worker, and I could pick him up later, giving us girls a chance to talk alone together.  I agreed, and felt it was really sensitive of him to understand that his presence might be awkward for her.

An hour later, I left the restaurant and headed uptown to the Starbucks they were meeting at.  As I entered, I saw him sitting at a raised bar in the window, at a barstool next to a blonde.  She was chewing fluorescent green gum like it had somehow done her wrong, and she wanted it to suffer.  It sat there, wedged in her teeth when she spoke, otherwise, it was being brutally masticated, mouth open as she chewed.  Yuck.

We were introduced, and I smiled pleasantly.  I always make an effort to make my best impression when it comes to my husband’s work colleagues.  I want him to be proud of who his wife is in front of his peers, but I also want his peers to associate positively where he is concerned, so I try to make a good impression.   I smiled and said hello, and left them to hash out their details while I worked quietly on my iPhone.  From time to time, as I overheard their discussion, I would interject with an idea, or laugh at a common joke.  She was taking notes in a wire notebook.  The meeting lasted about 45 minutes, the three of us sitting at the barstools, me to his left, and her to his right.  We said our goodbyes, and he and I left hand in hand.

I smile a little when I look back at it now, and find it interesting that there he sat, literally stuck in the middle, her to his right, and me to his left.



  1. What was your husband thinking???? Well like any man-he was enjoying that moment. OH my!!!
    I never met our whore, i knew that she worked with my husband and they had become friends over the 15 months they worked together. There was 1 time that i was in the same area as her, so holding myself back from not making a big scene. Oh trust me, i so wanted to jump on her back and yank her long black hair out of her head. I now think back to that time, there were still so many things that i wanted to do to her. I did call her once and spoke to her. I emailed her twice telling her what kind of man she was involving herself with. But to sit in the middle of two women. WOW…

    • you know, it’s funny. My husband’s intention wasn’t to bring us together for his own enjoyment. In fact, the entire meeting and the idea of it made him entirely uncomfortable. I think what he was trying to demonstrate, subconsciously or otherwise, was that he had a professional relationship with this woman only. Perhaps if I saw them together, it would ease my mind, should any suspicions arise. I guess he wanted to look as natural as possible. Because, if there really was no affair going on, why wouldn’t you have your wife beat your colleagues? So, he tried to make it look as organic as possible. It could also be that she was pressuring him to meet me. She probably wanted to size me up. I wouldn’t be surprised if she suggested that I come and pick him up. I can’t recall exactly, as it has been a great deal of time since then, but I suspect it was me who offered to pick him up. He probably, knowing him, suggested that he would walk home, and I probably pushed the issue. Not wanting to reason my suspicions, he probably acquiesced. I’m sure the entire meeting was quite uncomfortable.

      • Yes so very true. But at that point did you feel like something was going on? And then you had her in your house.
        My husband brough her into our house twice. We have a child with special needs, and he needs a nurse with him so husband decided to bring her to the house one weekend when i was out. The nerve right….and they had lunch in our kitchen.
        I actually had my husband lose his job with Apple-yup…called his and her boss and told her that they were having an affair. They even told them to break it off and they didn’t-so yup fired his sorry ass…and he was out of work for about a month. And taken money out of my purse, stolen my younger son’s debit card and borrow money off our older son to go take her to lunch or go down to see her on the Danforth. He was destroying out family all at once.

  2. Lindsay Ryan says:

    Hello! I was wondering if I might be able to speak with you about your situation with the mistress. I’m a researcher with a production company, and we are working on a show about mistresses. Please shoot me an email if you would be open to answering a few questions. Thank you!

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