My husband fucked a moron…I hope it isn’t contagious

My husband’s ex-mistress is a moron.  I used to say that out of sheer anger and hatred for what her actions had brought into my family, and her ongoing harassment and downright cruel actions.  Now, I say it because I have proof, and while it used to make me angry, it now kind of makes me laugh.

(I am actually proud of myself.  I no longer get all worked up like I used to, and can now shrug most of these things off, and then carry on, forgetting about them moments later, and not having them penetrate my day, so…yay me.)

For those who have followed the story, or even for those that haven’t but who are aware of how child support payments work, the saga continues.  My husband has a court-ordered child support obligation to the child he fathered with the ho-bag.  Child support pays for the bare necessities of life: clothes on your back, food in your tummy, and a roof over your head.  Beyond these expenses are additional expenses which are split between the parents, the proportionate share being determined by the disparity in their incomes. Daycare, for one thing, is not paid from the child support, it is an additional expense.  Piano lessons, ballet, camp….those are additional expenses that the parents share, and our share of those is 95%…why 95?  Because she has no job, and gets free money so why work?

Despite the fact that she doesn’t have a job, she has put her unwanted child in daycare two days a week, then recently increased that to three, and now wants to increase it to five.  Can you say “I don’t want this kid, how can I get rid of it?”.  Hmmm I guess my husband suggestion to not have the child because it is a LOT of work is finally sinking in, but it is too late.  You’re a mommy and don’t want to be?  Oh waaaaaahhh…boo hoo.   So now, wanting to put this child into 5 days a week daycare, she needs to come up with proof that she is either in school or working 5 days per week in order to necessitate daycare 5 days per week.  So far, she has been unable to provide any documentation. But, she did have a lot of fun over the past few weeks sending our lawyer emails where she tries to sound like a lawyer, saying things like “your client isn’t paying his portion of the daycare, and they are not being paid”, and “your client has failed to honor the court order by providing his tax returns for our assessment”, and “when is your client going to obey the order of the court? Further non-compliance by your client will result in additional court appearances, and I wish to warn you that I will be seeking costs….”  OK little miss lawyer-wannabe…back in the dirty corner of your trailer you go.

First of all, her daycare costs ARE being covered, for the previous amount of days agreed upon for which she was able to provide documentation.  Since increasing her days, she has been unable to provide such documentation, and therefore, we have not been asked to increase our amount.  Until she can prove that it is NEEDED, she foots the cost, but no, she is too cheap, so she is letting the daycare run at a loss, hoping that my husband will pay it.  But, why should he?   He isn’t here to simply foot the bill for her desires and wishes, just cause she needs a day off of parenting.  Give me a break!  And the holier than thou attitude to the lawyer?  Give me a second break. Ridiculous.

Secondly, his tax returns were submitted on time, to our lawyer.  She hasn’t received them because she no longer has a lawyer.  Without a lawyer to send the details to, our lawyer is holding onto the details, but they WERE submitted as needed.  Now, it bears mentioning that the details of his income aren’t under review until October, so seeing them now simply gives her a glimpse into the candy dish she is pulling from next year.  Did his income go up?  By how much?  Does this mean I can get a new car now?   Blech.

She is just mentally challenged.  Truthfully, what kind of moron sends wannabe-intimidating emails to a professional lawyer, making accusations that our side isn’t honouring their commitment, when it is HER who has failed to show justification for needing the daycare, and unit she does, we ought do NOTHING, so we are completely in the right waiting for her to show her need.  We don’t just dole out free money, nor should we.  (I use the words ‘we’, but am perfectly aware that these are my husband’s costs and burden and not mine….I simply support him emotionally, so I use the word ‘we’, and ‘our’).  The best part was when she received an auto-reply from the lawyer that she was away on vacation, and would return July 16th. Moron emails her back and tells her that these matters are urgent, and that her ‘vacation is irrelevant’.   What kind of creature tells a hard working professional that they don’t deserve to be on vacation and it is irrelevant because SHE wants money?  Holy ballsy….or just plain stupid – you tell me.

So now the lawyer is back from vacation, and has told her in no uncertain terms that she is to communicate only through a lawyer on her side.  She refuses to communicate with her directly.  I agree, why would she want all of her unfiltered garbage?  At least a lawyer on her side, with any smarts, would be able to filter her shit before it came down the line, saying things like: “you can’t make a request like that’, or “that isn’t legally prescribed’, or “what the hell are you smoking??”, preventing 90% of what she thinks and ponders from ever reaching us.  As funny as her crap is, personally, we just enjoy living like better when she isn’t a part of it.  The sad part for her is that I think her lawyer finally had enough of her and fired her.  After his December payout from her settlement, he’s had enough.  He did, at one time early on in our process, confide in our lawyer that he wants nothing to do with her…gee, I wonder why.

I hope dumb doesn’t rub off, otherwise my husband’s thinking brain is going to suffer irreparable brain damage from exposure to mistressosis stupidialis.



  1. Is the child wanted in your household? If so, why not attempt to get custody? She has already shown that she has no motivation/capability to get a job, so why leave him with a mother who can’t provide? May be a better economical choice for your family as well, since you’ll be controlling how the money is spent on the child, and make better decisions that achieve an almost 1 to 1 cost/benefit ratio..

    • You know, it’s funny. We talked about that, but the likelihood of him getting custody is lower than courts leaving a child with her mother, especially after 2 years. We don’t want to enter a fight we won’t win, and it will only enflame her crazy to know that we are after custody. If we lose, it will provoke her further and give her fodder to continue to make fun of us. Besides, having the child in our lives means contact with her through visitation, and we don’t want anything to do with her. My husband feels awful that this child has no father, but he is providing amply for her – even though the money is being spent on the mother (it’s more than a child needs monthly and she uses it up every month). At some time this child will surface, and we will deal with it then.

      • I’m sorry to hear that you have to have the contact that you do with her. I hope the child can grow up to analyze the situation and come to her own conclusion.

      • Well thankfully we have no direct contact with the Psycho. We only hear from her through emails received by our lawyer and forwarded to us. We don’t get phone calls, visits, etc. we don’t have to make arrangements for childcare with her. The child is 100% her responsibility as my husband told her would be the case if she decided to go ahead with her pregnancy. She decided to out of spite and here we are. Poor child is just a pawn in her mother’s schemes and I am sure will be fed lies about us. I will be the reason she doesn’t have a dad. I just hope she comes around one day with an open heart to learn the truth. She will always be welcomed into our family and home. Her slut mother on the other hand, will not.

  2. Best
    Post Title

    Love the someecard too. LOL!

  3. Whoa here. What does all of this make your husband, the ho-bag/slut/pyscho/moron f***er? He chose her (perhaps because she was a ho-bag/slut/psycho/moron), he chose to have unprotected sex with her. So she refused to have an abortion; that’s her choice. He has 50% responsibility for her pregnancy: his choice, it comes with unzipping his pants. He must have expected his “moron” to play nice by going quietly into the night once he was done with her. What selfishness, what arrogance! Turn all of this back on your husband, where it belongs, and not on the OW, and you have one mighty big heap of seething, unresolved anger – against your husband. I guess these rants against the “moron” are necessary to divert your fury from your husband, the true source of your suffering, and to allow you to “forgive” him. The OW seems to be a transparent given. It’s your husband who presents well but is missing a morality chip.

    • I guess you haven’t read enough of the blog, which is why your comment comes across so uninformed. I’ve gone through the fury against my husband, and have come out the other side. Two years of counseling, self work, marital therapy…and we are still working. Of course he is 50% responsible. He knows that. We both do. The difference is that he has made amends for his behavior in the wake of the affair. The whore, on the other hand, has not. She has instead continue a tirade of assaults on our family. She said she wanted a casual relationship. She got one. She wanted more. He didn’t want to give more. She wanted him to leave his family. He wasn’t prepared to do that and that was never the plan. She became pregnant and wanted to abort. Always said she didn’t like kids. Didn’t want kids. When it became clear she wasn’t going to get what she wanted, she decided to use the pregnancy, saying she was keeping the baby in order to cause us financial ruin. So I don’t know who you think is the person most “at fault” here but what I do know is that one has worked very hard to regain my trust and show me safety, and the other one continues to attempt to cause further pain for sport. I have good reason to hate her fat ass.

    • Within moments of reading your comment here, I was copied on an email sent by the slut whore herself, to the employment lawyer who dealt with her fabricated wrongful dismissal case. Apparently she is now worried that she won’t get a good reference for my husband. Oh poor her, she thinks that she can cause strife in the family, slander my husband to his colleagues, attempt to ruin his reputation, stalk his wife, harass his family, create false legal claims and still come out clean on the other side of her own shit??


      As I mentioned in my last post, she was given a reference letter as part of her severance package when she was let go. The reference letter commended her on her work, and was an attempt on my husband’s behalf to smooth out rough waters. He didn’t mention her psychotic behavior, he didn’t mention any of the negative issues, he simply kept the fact of her employment, as they were, and spoke about her work performance. She has that letter in her possession. What she is worried about is that potential employers will follow up on her reference, and make a phone call to my husband, will have nothing positive to say. She simply wanted to make sure that this can’t happen, and wants a promise of a positive and glowing verbal reference as well. In fact, today’s email has her threatening to expose me as mentally ill, to expose my husband as an alcoholic, and to claim that my husband has been a sexual deviant towards her and their daughter. Firstly, my husband would never be involved sexually with a child, and he has never laid eyes on this child. She’s making the grossest of accusations, hoping that the threat will propel us to provide the reference she is looking for. I find it funny that she expected after all the shit she’s pulled, that she’s entitled to a glowing recommendation. I’ll give her a glowing recommendation straight to hell. She’d fit right in. So tell me I’m not entitled to be the least bit upset with her. Please, go ahead and justify that argument.

  4. Doesn’t say much for your husband that he’d take up with such a loser. If indeed she is really as bad as you say.

    You have really channeled your anger off onto this woman…instead of at your adulterous husband where it belongs…. which is probably resulting in old boy getting a discounted to nearly free pass for his terrible behavior.

    And your lack of empathy for his out of wedlock child is appalling. Unbelieveably callous. The child didn’t get to pick the mother, and is probably better off at day care 5 days a week.

    And you wonder why the man cheated on you to begin with….Ms Know-It-All??

    • Well that’s an interesting “spin” on things from someone who has obviously not read much of the blog. H
      Anger has been chanelled and directed at BOTH guilty parties. The difference is that my husband expressed remorse. The whore laughed at me, degraded me further and then shamed me to all those that I know and continues her antics against me. That’s the difference. Am u angry at my husband. I was. After two years and a lot of therapy, I am no longer angry. Just disappointed. But, we move forward.

      As for the child, I’ve expressed here many times (and I suggest you read) that I feel badly for her. She is a poor unfortunate victim who will likely grow up emotionally damaged from her mother’s borderline personality and narcissistic tendencies. I don’t hate the child. I do hate that she was ever brought into the world though, and there is a BIG difference.

      I don’t claim to know it all. I don’t know where you get that. I can only report in what life is like for me. Thanks for your “informed” contribution.

  5. I’ve enjoyed reading this post, love the title and to the morons who want to drag you back to hell, nice try. Yay, you!

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