I’m mentally unstable, don’t you know…

The mistress is a liar


When it rains it pours. Nothing with this whore happens at a steady state. Instead, she prefers to operate in fits and spurts (I think we should accentuate the word FITS because she’s been having a lot of them). She will torment us for a while, her behaviour escalating to a fever pitch, and then gradually die off, not to be heard from for months. I have to admit, her silence was a nice holiday from this trauma, but like all voracious diseases…she’s back!

I posted about how she wants a reference for work. The lawyer who settled the family court issue had been receiving emails from her stating that she wished to receive an employment reference after all that she has done.

To read her antics, or some of them at least:

The employment lawyer told her to take a hike, that this isn’t her domain, and to contact the lawyer who dealt with the false employment law case she’d launched when she claimed she was wrongfully dismissed by my husband in the wake of her threatening to ruin his reputation, and his family. She contacted the lawyer with the most pathetic email I think I have read to date. Such desperation, such lies, such obvious torment that she is going through. I *almost* felt bad for her.

Apparently, she is feeling worried that she won’t get this job that she has applied for. Suffice it so say that she admits lying on the application and telling them that the reason she left my husband’s employ was due to a tough pregnancy, and the reason she didn’t return after her pregnancy was because SHE made the choice to focus on her studies – but that is a whole other issue. Hey whore, tell them you were fired, tell them why, and no…he doesn’t want to hire your sorry as back as you claim, because no, he doesn’t think you are awesome as you apparently like to tout that you are, and no, he will NOT lie to support your false application.

I digress…

She received a reference letter in the weeks following her dismissal with a fair chunk of money to offset the 2 weeks notice she did not get. She has the letter in her possession, and I would be surprised if she has ‘lost’ it. I suspect that her worry is more that the employer will want to follow up by phone with her last known employer, and he will be asked to validate the reference letter. She can’t control what he says, and is worried that she will be exposed. So, she says to the lawyer in her email:

I believe my email is self explanatory. I understand (my husband) has received it and it is up to him to choose if he will provide an excellent job reference for me (which his words in thousands of emails, text messages & videos support) or he can defame and slander my professional reputation.

What, you mean like you have tried to do to him many many times already? He has no interest in slandering you sweetheart, he wants you to get a job and stop living off of us.

May I remind you that details of our affair, (husband’s) self admitted alcoholism, the [human rights complaint] against (husband) , his years of violent, misogynistic & sexually deviant behaviours towards myself and his daughter, his detailed discussions of Mrs X’s mental illness, sexual inadequacies, cosmetic surgeries, etc, …was not confidential information prior to January 2012. In fact his years of divulging information via his multiple social media accounts online very much support the above mentioned issues.

Did you know that I am mentally unstable? Apparently, according to her email, I am. I have a mental illness, and I am sexually inadequate. I should get a T-shirt made with that emblazoned on the front. She claims my husband, who hasn’t spoken a word to her since March 20th, 2012, and who has NEVER seen the child he fathered has been violent and sexually deviant towards her and the mistress? Really? In what universe? Her threat at the end that the above mentioned information was “known” (even though it is false) prior to January 2012 is simply her way of saying that she has the right to discuss it publicly, and she will, if she doesn’t get what she wants. Her court ordered custody agreement states that she cannot speak of the relationship to any third party, or speak negatively of my husband or his family, but her assumption is that because I’ve apparently been unstable, and my husband has been a sexually deviant alcoholic since BEFORE her mouth was shackled by an agreement, that is fair game to talk about, and she will, if pushed.

This is how she operates, with threats and manipulation. And I am the one who is mentally ill because I am trying to save our marriage? I love how I get dragged into her ridiculous rants. It is so glaringly obvious that she is jealous of our life, of the fact that my husband didn’t leave me, and that we have a lovely life together that she just wants a piece of. How pathetic can a human being be reduced to? She is obviously under a lot of stress lately and this is just her acting out…like a child does, when they don’t have the adult means to cope with their feelings in constructive ways. Someone needs a “time out”.





  1. I think you are a better woman than I am. I don’t think I could live with worrying about what was coming down th road next fro this skank. You would think she would take the hint (and the money) and disappear and find someone else to father her next child. Let’s just hope the next guy won’t be married, but it wouldn’t surprise me if he was. Some women like the drama and the fact that a man is unavailable.

  2. At least the whore is open about her opinion (though fucked) my husbands suck and go job skank whore sends letters in the mail anonymously written like someone else writing it. Phone calls with no number showing when I told them if I got anymore letters and phone calls as the phone company had been informed I would go to the police it stopped. But I obviously wasn’t explicit enough she now sends letters anonymously to my husband. He doesnt read them and I get to burn them.
    I think you give her too much credit she not stressed she just Fucking mental her time out should be in a rubber room where she can’t hurt anybody.
    Good luck hopefully you will have peace again soon stay strong.

  3. Oh yeah , I can so identify with the “mentally unstable ” WIFE rantings to others…. Psycho -Sidepork early on wrote me from her new email … ( My name ) is sick @ Some of her friends also had the audacity to compliment her on her choice of moniker for berating the mentally unhinged wife who dared to take her husband back. Obviously for me to do this … it was just revenge against the whore , ya know… to keep her from having my husband and his money…. OH yeah baby , that was totally why I stayed in my marriage…. Just to piss you off. Right , Okay your mentally unstable projection works for me. Especially because I am so grossly inappropriate.

  4. In my work as a litigious insuance claims examiner, I’ve had the opportunity to review thousands of documents produced in lawsuits and have begun seeing a trend. Very often, when plaintiffs use excessive amounts of capital letters and improper or lack of punctuation in their documents (letters, e-mails and even pleadings when they don’t have a lawyer), it is usually a sign they are completely loony, have severe persecution complexes and were on a number of occasions certifiably insane. I’d be curious to know if this woman writes in the same style. 😉

    Other common traits are that these crazies become too nuts for their lawyer and end up becoming self-represented litigants, but since they have so much free time on their hands (few of them hold down jobs), they milk the legal system by starting claim, after claim, after claim. Most of these have no merit so some of the claims get dismissed, some get settled for small-ish amounts, all of which ends up being a huge burden on the defendant who ultimately is out huge sums of money. Sound familiar?

    The good news is that courts often end up seeing through these antics and can take measures to curb their efforts. I hope this happens in your case! Best of luck with this whack-job!!

  5. Oh my! Make her stop!!! Let me tell you, I have one as well. She began lurking around and getting involved in things I was into within the community. Girl Scouts, seeking an education, my church, my friends and lastly my step kids. A mother in her girl scout troop could not figure out why she never wanted to take the girls on any trips, even a small trip to the fire station. After watching closely, she told me, she’s trying to be like the wife. There is also a baby who is now 3 years old but she perpetrated to others around her that I was not aware, so when i came on the scene, she acted as if she discreetly removed the child from the area. Such a fraud!!! I get phone calls from “fake” bill collectors asking for “her” Really? Why are they calling my number? I know! You are still trying to remain relevant!! When I post and it does not involve my husband she lays low but the moment I post pictures of us or what we are doing, she goes ballistic on her page. So since my last post of my husband and I at the beach, she then post, she’s pregnant, getting married and how much fun her and the “dude” in her life are having. Note: “dude” is how I would reference my husband. So if she is involved with a new man, a new baby coming and a happy life, why does she friend my stepkids on facebook? Also, why does she make sure that everytime she sees my stepson after school, she makes the little girl call him, take a picture and post it on facebook? Poor girl! I really want to let her know, how I really feel. Can I?

  6. I think I know this girl I think this girl is the same girl that’s doing that to us I have been dealing with this for two years and I cannot catch her I am very good and I’m tired of it it’s mental abuse and I’m not having it anymore I hired a private investigator her and he couldn’t even find her I think it’s her but I know I could be wrong she lives right next door to us she comes in my house when I’m sleeping she is OCD so I know when she’s here she leaves little things in my house to tell me that she’s been here I did find out that she’s an international hacker she has shut my phone off disabled my phone change my phone numbers did the same to my husbands phone she is mentally and physically exhausting she will not give up I don’t know what to do I’m tired of it she didn’t ruin my marriage


  1. […]   Out of her fear, she has decided to launch several lies and threatens to make them public (read the post before this one called “I am mentally unstable….” if she doesn’t get what she wants.  Can someone tell me why she should get what she wants, […]

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