Words of comfort:6




  1. tentativelyhopeful says:

    So true!!

  2. I'm The Prize says:

    Thank you for this blog! As for the statement above, it is so much harder to stay but I’m hell bent to do just that.

  3. It has to be harder to stay, but how long do you keep trying? How long is long enough to say I’m tired of this shit? When you spend all your time making life easier for everyone else involved, when do you say, it’s my turn to be happy?
    Just wondering, having a rough day here.
    I’m enjoying these words of comfort.

    • It’s definitely harder to stay. Leaving would have meant financial strain and loss of partnership but I would have been free of this slut. Free of her attacks. Free.

      I hear you. It’s not easy. I think as long as you have a partner willing to heal you and be there for you and right this wrong, it’s worth staying to fight for. It’s hard work and sucks but hopefully the payoff is great.

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