Resurrecting the psycho…she’s BACK!

Tell me I am misdirecting my anger. Tell me that my anger and hostility towards the OW is inappropriate. I dare you.

Wednesday morning, October 31st, my husband received the following email to his inbox. It came from his lawyers office. In his lawyer’s absence (she was in court apparently), the legal assistant forwarded to him the following email, received from the OW the day prior (names have been removed):

(It needs to be mentioned here that in the weeks following up to the receipt of this email, the psycho crazy whore discovered that legally, she was entitled to no additional money this year, over and above the amount she was given last year, after a financial review was completed on her daughter’s birthday, October 20th. Upset and likely angry at this reality, she lashed out with the email below) My clarification points are in bold italics.

Dear Lawyer,
The Corporate financial statement you have provided (which is currently under review) does not include financials for (husband’s) additional Professional Corporation and business accounts for which (husband) himself has already provided documentation of its existence. When do you anticipate forwarding that information?
(Read: I want more money, which is the only reason I had this kid I never wanted in the first place)
(There are no additional corporations in his name. He has not provided documentation of their existence. They don’t exist)

Please inform your client third parties have reported acquiring documentation of your client and his wife’s ongoing sexually deviant obsession with me. It appears the Family are so delusional in the false reality in which they have created (& force their sons) to live in, that they choose to ignore the fact that the entire downtown core has cameras to capture harassing behaviour and their digital imprint is unique. Your client has put both me and his daughter in danger by publicly providing our home address, telephone number & email address on multiple occasions. Further, the attacks by (husband) on me professionally have been well documented for years. It appears He has made it his personal mission to discredit me professionally since signing the Order in January. Third parties are understandably (given Husband’s violent history) terribly concerned for (daughter’s) safety and my own. Should they choose to provide evidence of Husband’s ongoing harassing behaviors to the appropriate authorities, governing bodies, Government agencies, Husband’s workplace, the university, and the taxation offices to protect (daughter) and I from Husband that is their choice. I have no control over others actions and I do not communicate about Husband in any way. Further, the fact that Husband a 45 year old man, regularly & voyeuristically views online photographs of his female child Nicole is widely regarded as pedophilic in nature.
Let it be known that statements of cameras capturing activities downtown are ridiculous and speak to a paranoia or mental illness. As someone with significant mental illness training, this wreaks of paranoid schizophrenia. There is no harassing behaviour being captured on any close circuit television cameras anywhere. Her desire for us to be interested in her astounds me. We aren’t interested sweetheart. Get over it. Not only has my husband not discredited her professionally, he has made no contact with her whatsoever. My husband’s violent history??? What violent history? He hasn’t spoken with you since March 21st, 2010….not an email, letter, voicemail, or otherwise. Violent tendencies? Riiiiiight. It may be of interest to readers to know that the order between them contains a non-harassment clause that they may not harass one another. What does the sending of this letter consist of? Harassment, yes. In addition, the order also stipulates that they may not speak of the relationship to third parties, and that third parties are also restricted from discussing the relationship or compromising the other. Her intentional statement of “I don’t speak about him, but I can’t control what ‘my friends’ do” is threatening to breach the order and be in contempt of court.

Please be advised I continue to abide by the Order and do not discuss Husband or this matter in any way, however I am incapable of turning my ears and eyes off when third parties provide documentation regarding Husband’s ongoing obsession with me.
And what third parties are these? Last time we checked, you don’t have any friends to speak of.

Additionally may I remind you that prior to January 2012, all information pertaining to Husband’s affair with me, our daughter, his out of control mental illness, his years of harassment, violence, misogynistic and sexually deviant behavior towards his daughter and myself, his attacks on his wife, and his own acknowledgment of his questionable reporting to the CRA and copies of said information was not confidential.
Oh the attacks feel good don’t they? Claiming my husband has a mental illness. Projection much? He hasn’t had years of harassment towards anyone, isn’t violent or misogynistic in any way. There is NO deviant sexual behaviour towards his daughter – he has never met her. He does not attack me, and has never falsified his taxes. He is an honest man with a good heart who made a mistake. Sounds like someone is feeling sad that they weren’t the ultimate winner here. The very fact that a mother places her daughter in a position within her own mind of being someone’s sexual prey, is, in and of itself, morally reprehensible. You sick fuck.

I had sincerely hoped at this point your client would move on with his life and stop dangerously imposing himself on mine. However given the overwhelming amount of evidence of his harassing actions since January 2012 (what evidence is that you speak of?), it is clear Husband is incapable of doing so. In fact his obsession with us seems to have escalated. It has been noted that Husband’s public behavior clearly supports his self reported alcoholism (really? that one is kind of funny) and unstable mental illness (here comes the projected mental illness again) which reportedly appears to cycle every 25-30 days between manic hypersexual delusional acts of grandeur and depressive, retaliatory, violent acts against me and (daughter) (I’d like to know how a man who has never seen this child, nor laid eyes on you since March 19th, 2010 has engaged in violent acts against you?) . Need I remind you reportedly your client, in December 2011 tweeted online a request for his I Phone to perform oral sex on him and in June 2012 reportedly posted a photograph online of a hotel room bed with 3 champagne glasses (which I understand third parties assumed belonged to him, me and his wife). Perhaps your client’s self acknowledged mental illness (again with the mental illness???) prevents him from realizing how disturbing and perverse this behaviour is to all everyone with Internet access who views it.
I should clarify here that the iphone oral sex reference and the champagne glasses do have a basis in reality, but have been quite skewed.
Reference 1: When my husband first got his iPhone 4S, we discovered Siri, the voice-recognition assistant that learns your needs and answers your questions. Many people had asked Siri to marry them, and received hilarious replies. We took it a step futther, and I asked my husband to ask her for a blowjob. When he did, her reply was that he’d better check with me first. I found that hysterical and tweeted it, or Facebook-posted it – I can’t recall which. Either way, the fact that she saw it proves that she is still stalking me online, and in doing so, is breaching the court order that she would no longer do that.
Reference 2: In June 2012, I traveled to San francisco with my family. Upon arrival, my friend who is local, had left us a bottle of champagne and two glasses, along with some treats for my kids. It was a great welcome gift. I tweeted or Facebook-posted (can’t recall) how fortunate I felt to have such wonderful friends who would do something so kind. In the posting, I’d included an image of the glasses, and likely the hotel room fell into the background. Correction: There were two glasses, not three, and she was never invited 😉

Your client’s ongoing obsession with me is disturbing. I now sincerely believe His terrifying January 2010 email to me whereby he stated “My dear sweet (name withheld), you are the glue that keeps my marriage together. Without your joyful free spirit in my life I would be unhappy and forced to focus on my miserable marriage to my selfish wife. I need you in my life to be happy. You can’t ever leave me. I won’t let you”.
This email was completely fabricated. He has never written that email. It doesn’t even make sense. Since when does side-pussy become the glue that holds a marriage together? This was written for one intention: so that I would read it and get worried. Just another attempt to drive a wedge.

Lawyer, I respectfully ask that you please advise your client to get over our affair and move on with his life. We had sex for a year which resulted in the single greatest joy I have ever known, our beautiful daughter. His ongoing attacks, harassment and obsession with us are criminal. He is endangering the safety of his own child and me. I sincerely hope he can one day make peace with the fact that [he has a]daughter and we can move forward in a positive manner towards the best interests of (daughter).
Maybe someone, in the “best interest of her daughter should spend more time parenting her, instead of sending completely bogus, vitriolic emails, designed to cause further harm to a family who has been through enough. Perhaps she should focus her energies there.

Separately, I may be required to work extra hours over the coming months. Please advise Husband I will forward all receipts for additional daycare costs incurred or documentation from Daycare if try are able to accommodate. I will also provide documentation supporting the hours worked.
More money, more money, more money.

Given the fact that it is your client who has intentionally dragged matters on by breaching the Court Order and refusing to provide his tax information at the required times, he will provide Novembers support cheque and payment to the daycare to me by November 1. Any adjustments will be made at a later date once his 2011 returns have been reviewed. Further, the information re his corporate returns was dated October 4, your client did not forward said information to me until October 23. Further supporting what appears to be his intentions to play games, not cooperate and deliberately not allow for sufficient time to review.
My husband has never once breached the court orders. He was supposed to provide all tax documentation by May 31at, but given that corporate taxes aren’t collected until July, this was no possible. Her side was informed of this, and agreed. Taxes were not completed in a timely fashion by our accountant, admittedly, but this is no fault of ours. He has made repeated attempts to expedite the process, but to no avail. It was finally completed a few weeks ago. Late, but done nonetheless.

Please forward his accurate financial records as well as Novembers support cheque payment to my lawyer immediately. Have your client forward November’s daycare payment directly to the daycare for November 1.
Cause it’s all about the money, money, money…..

Many thanks,
Skank whore
30 months into this ordeal…over 900 days, and we are still receiving this garbage. She is stil actively seeking to cause us harm, to cause me pain, and to destroy my husband’s reputation. When does it end? When do we get peace? When do we get a chance to heal and focus on us? According to our lawyer….never. Things like this rarely ever resolve, she says, and with someone this crazy…even less likely.
So, to all those who told me that my anger is misdirected, and that I have no reason to be upset with the woman who slept with a knowingly married man, got pregnant on purpose, and lashed out at what remained of my self-esteem, and who continues to assault my family, I ask you…upon reading this, do you really feel I have no reason to be upset? If your answer is ‘yes’, you are as mental as she is.
This email left me in a state of primal scream in fetal position. I have had it. I laid in my basement, on the floor, sobbing uncontrollably, screaming with a primal anger I think would have been hard to witness (ask my dog), and curled myself up into a fetal position. I eventually got up, called my husband, and asked him if he’d seen the email. He hadn’t. I read it to him. He was pleased. He saw it as further proof that she continues to be unhinged…and that she is showing her true colours every time. He was pleased because it spoke to the fact that she must be angry she isn’t going to extort any more money from us. For that, he is pleased. I wish I could see the optimism here, because from someone who didn’t get to fuck this cow, I don’t see many unicorns and rainbows in this letter, just sludge and venom. Needless to say, I felt better after we’d talked, booked an hour long telephone-therapy appointment with my therapist to talk about it, and am now doing much better.


  1. Unbelievable.

  2. Wow, this bitch is a nut job! I’m sure you have a very close family memeber you trust. Isn’t your husband self employed? Have him sell his business for cheap then have him go on the books for the company. Perhaps a salary of $30,000 a year? How much would she get then? I mean a mentally ill person such as she referred to your husband, can’t possibly run a successful business and make a lot of money! The mental illness finally got the best of him and he was left with no choice but to sell? When there’s a will there’s a way! That Bitch would not be getting shit from me trust me on that one.

    Why not hire a private investigator to get some dirt on her. I’m sure a woman like that has many skeletons in her closet. Wow. You guys must do something. Forget what the lawyer says, there is always a way.

    • Ariella, Mike did exactly what you mentioned, except reverse. He quit his 9-5 and went into business for himself because he knew he could make more money that way, but that it would be rough in the beginning. They would not make an adjustment to his support because he elected to make that move. Perhaps things could’ve been different if he had had a mental illness to back him up, but even that is iffy…especially if he has been running this business for many years.

      It sucks.

      • I think many men try the “bankruptcy” route and the courts know it. Men desperately trying to get out of their support order. My husband isn’t asking to get out. He wants to support the child, just not the whore the child came out of, at a tune of almost $4k per month. Disgusting cow.

      • Daaaamn!!!

        Yes, there are a lot of losers who want to weasel out of support or half-ass it. Sounds like your husband and mine are the exception. Mike always agreed to do his part, but when she kept going after more and more so she could sit on her ass at home, we were fed up. All we could do was be frustrated, though.

        Mike went into business for himself so we wouldn’t lose the things WE had. (We had been fairly irresponsible and our debt to income ratio was not good, so the increase in support made it so much worse).

      • So did you take a purposeful income hit on this decision?

      • We were actually trying to increase his income, but this happened at the very beginning of 2008 when the housing market crashed….and so his business suffered horribly in the beginning. Child support did not change and he eventually DID start making better money than he had been.

        We had to totally rearrange our lives to accommodate her request for more money so she could quit work, sit at home on her ass and be a “student.”

  3. I see what your husband sees, and also what you see. She is bitter and nasty because that’s all she can do at this point. She is trying to make threats and provoke you to unsettle your nerves. She probably never will leave you alone because she’ll always be resentful and bitter.

    This letter shows that she is mental and is using her daughter as a cash cow (I went through this same shit with my step-daughter’s mother…..thankfully that is over!). Any lawyer with half a brain who reads that will laugh hysterically at her attempts. Pathetic and unbelievable.

  4. Can she get away with this? I’m assuming she sent this to your lawyer herself (rather than through her own attorney) because she knows she full of shit, but can she? Or can your lawyer send a reply that is both professionally and courteously worded, but, in its essentials, basically says this–

    Skank-Whoring Cum Dumpster:

    Fuck you.

    No love,

    Lawyer for the side of right

    God, I am so angry on your behalf right now. I said it before, but in light of the newest attack, I think it bears repeating. Even with taking the affair out of the equation, you STILL have a woman who has made it her mission in life to ruin yours, and since she will never go away, you will be dealing with this shit for years, if not the rest of your life. You shouldn’t just be mad, RMM, you should be fucking pissed! Anyone who says otherwise has their head up their ass.

    • Apparently she can get away with it. Our lawyer asks us to ignore it. She prefers not to “feed the beast”. She believes it will never stop. She also told us, I should edit in the post, that this is only one of many she has received but never sends us. This one slipped through due to her assistant sending it. She’s been fielding this shit and not sending it to us for months. What I need her to do now is to let the slut know we aren’t reading it, and never have been.

      • dotcablogger says:

        Oh dear, I feel really bad for you, for your husband, and kids. So your lawyer says that your only recourse is to ignore these emails? And your lawyer has been receiving these emails for many months and has screened and not sent them to you? And being a filter is the only recourse this lawyer can do for you?

        You know what? Fuck that harassing, cyberbully female dirtbag with her broomstick. Please go write your book about this witch. Write and publish. And there won’t be a legal thing that this witch could do about it. Write about her. Write, and you will see that when your books are getting decent reviews that disgusting witch will squirm and just fume, and then send your lawyer more hate mail, and then your publishers her harassing emails. Yeah, go and write, and let more professionals get exposed to this oddball psycho, and let that psycho discredit herself and her emails in the eyes of these professionals.

      • dotcablogger says:

        But correct my wording here:

        I meant, “Please go and write about you and your husband,” AND “Write about your effort and progress as a married couple to recover and heal from his mistake to have an affair”.

        I realize that your blog might right now, and for a while now, be stalked and studied by the dirtbag. And she will search for any letter and word that refers to her. So I wanted to edit what I earlier wrote, which is “Write about her” to instead what I meant: which is “Make her fume by writing about YOU AND YOUR HUSBAND, and your recovery as a couple from his mistake of having an affair and the added result of the Other Woman choosing to get pregnant and have a baby from this affair.”

      • I’m pretty sure she hasn’t found this blog. If she had, she would try and hold my husband in contempt of the court order and be all over that.

      • dotcablogger says:

        Well that’s good because you and your husband have one less crazy thing from this witch to deal with. But you have freedom of speech (or to publish a book with names excluded) about your recovery as a couple from that affair. So go write and get published :). I would like to read that book. And I see that others, like the readership here, will read that book.

  5. Forgive me if I offend anyone, but in my opinion, if you ALLOW yourself to get pregnant on purpose, by a man you are not in a relationship with, a man who is already married and you know this man, the father of the child is not going to be involved you should take care of the baby your damn self! Why have a baby you can’t afford to support? And yes, I said get pregnant on purpose because we all know how to avoid getting pregnant!

  6. Wow..if i ever need some crazy, I know where to go. Sheesh. Man oh man, have you thought about turning this into some sort of sitcom?

  7. I am glad you shared this. It is good for your spirit and good for us to be able to focus our thoughts and prayers on your specific needs. How I wish I could make it go away…

    Love & daily prayers for you –

  8. WOW! Being the betrayed woman, I have seen how difficult is has been for my husband to go through the consequences of his sin. He almost lost me and his children; he did lose the support of many “friends”, he lost his job, and he has a lot of rebuilding to do with not only me, but his own family. I can only imagine the pain you feel when this crazy psycho does things like this. What is really sad is the bitterness this woman has for you and your family knowing she knew he was married. She needs closure – not only to close her legs to married men but to close her hold on your family and move own and become the care-giver her child needs. I hate to think what her child will grow into!

    • I completely agree. She should be placing her time and attention where deserves to be, with her child. She purports to be such a happy mother, so blessed by her child’s existence? That’s a crock of shit. She never wanted that child. She never wanted to be a mother. She said so over and over again, that she planned to be childless, and would live vicariously through her sister, happy to be an aunt only.

      That child is nothing but a cash cow for her. If that child were to suffer a tragic incident, her only fear would be losing her Cashcow, not the sadness of losing the actual child. Heartless, soulless person like this can’t possibly have any empathy or ability to love.

      I too sometimes wonder what kind of person this child will grow up to be, under the guidance and protection of someone as twisted and vengeful as this. Can you imagine when her own child betrays her, upsets her, or doesn’t do it she wishes? What kind of state falls upon her child when tensions arise? What kind of backstabbing, hatred – filled Response will she get? She’s destined to grow up mentally ill. I guarantee it. The sad part is that if she had access to my husband, that could be buffered by a loving, caring parent.

      • Henry Adams says:

        Obviously, I don’t know her and you do. But it occurs to me that the child isn’t so much about money, money, money – more a way for her to keep clawing her way back into your lives. What other excuse does she have, after all? Also, about the stalking/obsession/deviant claims, call her bluff. My crazed creature made very similar claims a few years ago, and in one of the very few times I ever replied to her, I told her to call in the police in her country and get their computer forensic guys on it. I also offered to turn in all our work and domestic computers to the police over here for analysis. That shut those particular allegations down right away.

      • To be honest, that was my first desire, to call her bluff, and force her to admit that she had lied. I wanted our lawyers to send back a reply asking her to provide all documentation, all proof, I’ll videotapes, all emails, etc. that she had in her possession which were causing her to claim such atrocities. The problem is, according to the lawyer, That this feeds her. It provides her a connection to us. It provides her with a window into our lives, an opportunity to interact. It’s much more effective to simply keep the door closed, and pretend we never read it. I suspect that if our lawyer told her that she simply does not pass along miscommunications, that eventually she would tire of sending them.

      • dotcablogger says:

        Yeah, her daughter is going to be messed up in her head. The girl as an adult woman won’t be stable because parenting from her unstable and messed up mother will have heavily impacted her and her own values. She will grow up to be like her screwed up mother :-/.

        When I think of this outcome now, I just know now that the generational cycle will happen to this kid because her mother is well practiced and habitual in lying, being messed up, being unable to stop and fix her attitude and screwed-up perception, and the girl will be like this woman because the mother is unable to stop from making very bad decisions.

  9. Nope, they aren’t ever getting over it… The phrase … “relentless obsession by a sociopath” “til death they do part” … comes to mind. And the Baby legitimizes their binding connection.
    God Help us cope.
    Frankly RMM, …NOBODY really understands this level of animosity and hatred coming from Hell’s corners from a borderline disordered SHREW.
    Which is why I am still challenged by my associates/friends as to why I let this “take over my life”…. Why can’t I get over it ??? STUPIDITY .
    I am very concerned about the well-being of that innocent child trapped in her clutches ! Knowing that I can not rescue him … but I know he needs rescuing ! The only thing I know to do to cope with the anxiety is to at a minimum, follow things from afar. Knowing to me is better state to be in than wishful ignoring and ignorance. I will not be blindsided again. I may not be able to affect things…. but when something lands on my doorstep I might be prepared to deal with it.

  10. phoenixrisingk says:

    I don’t have anything to add here that other people haven’t already said except that I’m so sorry this psycho bitch is still invading your space.

  11. Wow!!! What a RANCID BITCH!! Can I say RANCID BITCH online? This scares the shit out of me considering I have just found out about a 2 year affair that my spouse has been having, which resulted in a child (his only son) who is 15 months old at the moment. They were sneaky enough to hide an affair and a child from me for 15 months / 2 years. I am not sure what that says about me:( However, our 4 daughters…….yep I said 4 daughters (we kept trying for that little boy but apparently he was waiting for someone else’s Uterus)……….that have grown up together and enjoyed a family with memories to last a lifetime……….they are stunned. I am angry and am not sure whether I am going to stay with him. He is a wonderful Father and I would never expect for him to not be in his Son’s life. He wants to be a Father to his son, but leave the Bitch alone. This is going to be fun………..I kicked his punk ass out and we have started counseling. Yet, I still am not sure if I can look at that little boy for the rest of my life and not want to turn around and punch my husband in the face. (After all it isn’t the little boy’s fault that he is the product of an affair between a home wrecking whore and a man who had a lapse in judgement, thinking his brain was in his little head, instead of hie big head.) Yes I am bitter, angry, sad, disgusted. I have only known since October 9th. And the above rant, is very tasteful and reserved compared to what is really going on in my head right now………….uuuuuugggggghhhhhh. Please keep talking trash and making these whores own up to their slutty selves. Sometimes reading your blog is the only thing that can make me smile:)

  12. I would have divorced him. I went thru that with my ex and I decided if you were slimy enough to lay n screw a snake unprotected, u weren’t thinking about me. I got out and left. This is way too much drama. There are reasons to work through a marriage but for me, this is the deal breaker.

    • I think we all have ideas about what we would have done, but when you’re actually in the situation, what you thought you might do would change. You haven’t lived the positives in my marriage to be able to offset the negatives in a way that makes my decision make sense.

  13. I'm The Prize says:

    I can only imagine what this is like for you. My husband’s former whore tried to get pregnant and stupid didn’t use any protection knowing she was trying to have a baby but figuring she was a little long in the tooth (44 at the time) for that to happen. I praise God for that one mercy all of the time. It took 6 months to get rid of her and her twisted husband. After 2 years of nothing the husband started trying to contact again the week before Mother’s Day. I wish they would both just go on a cruise and get swept over board and end up on a deserted island where they would be safe but never heard from again. I’m so sick of them.

  14. I can relate to this post on so many levels. Congratulations to you on doing everything you can to move on.


  1. […] that perhaps I could anticipate her next move, and not be shaken off of my feet the way I have been when things come out of the blue, as they last did on Halloween day.  I am a planner.  I like to anticipate things.  For me, not being caught off guard is what helps […]

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