A story that needs to be told

In the months leading up to this blog post, or even perhaps in the year leading up to it, I have toyed with this idea.  I’ve looked back on the 2.5 year ordeal that we have faced, and when I readers read it for the first time, many times the reaction is shock and horror.  Can it be real?  Did that actually happen to someone?  Other times, I am told that it reads like a a soap opera, or a film script – something entirely fictional, made up, and entertaining in its off-the-wall, bizarre twists and turns.  No people, this is my life as I know it.

I want to write a book.  Yes, you read that correctly.  I want to actually write this story, publish it, and make it widely known.  I love writing this blog, and I love the outlet that it provides me.  The support that I have gained  has been wonderful, and I plan to blog for some time.  I like knowing that my blog, the stories that I tell, and the perspectives that I share help others who are going through something devastating in their own lives.  I love it when readers comment that I’ve “nailed it”, in reference to having written the sentiments that they too have been feeling, but unable to express.  I love knowing that others follow this blog, and look forward to the entries.  In short, I feel like this blog has been a big salvation for me.

I love to write.  I express myself best through writing.  I find it therapeutic and soul-calming.  I’ve never wanted to be a writer, per se, but I do enjoy the process, and wonder if I should give it a shot.

With that in mind, I am asking you all a favour.  Do you know anyone in the publishing industry?  Do you have any personal experience in publishing a book that you can share?  I’ve never ventured into these waters, and I am naive to the process.  I know that there are traditional publishers, and then POD (publish on demand) publishers, as well as Ebook publishers.  I don’t know where to start.  Self-pubishing?  Getting an agent?  Talking to a publisher?  What is the first step?

It is exciting to venture into new territory, and I found myself feeling ALIVE this weekend when I would think about it. My husband and I want to write it together.  I think it will be good for us, and will also be good for US (there is a difference).

I look forward to starting this new chapter, and yes, I mean that in both ways 🙂





  1. Henry Adams says:

    I know exactly where you’re coming from. I started to write a novel based on my experience a few months ago (although I have had almost 8 years to think about it!). Working title is ‘The Curious Case Of The Bitch Who Is Barking.’ I hope you find it as therapeutic as I have. You write extremely well and I’m sure the end product will be a book that I, for one, will certainly want to read.

  2. I’m a writer and have published both traditionally & self-publushed. Getting a book published is not easy. If you want to go the traditional route with an agent & publisher, I’d suggest visiting the Absolute Write non-fiction boards- tons of info there. Most publishers won’t take unsolicited manuscripts meaning you need an agent to pitch to them. However, self-pubbing has really boomed in the past two years. Most people use Amazon’s platform.

  3. First we have to get you a Working Title for the BOOK. For example ,
    Fatal Attraction / DUE DATE


    Frankly coming up with a special name to describe these reprobates is the hard part.
    The world of Voldemort comes to mind… Like a word no one dares speak, least it visits you.

    …. Everyone to whom I told my story , said I should write a book too ! BUT heck, … I NEEDED A GREAT Ghost Writer, like you , who has recently lived the emotional turmoil and can nail it !

    I was told I needed to get a literary agent , but first a lawyer to protect your intellectual property rights and opps for lawsuits by the whore. ( who will either claim royalty rights to her story, lol … Or sue you for libel !!! )

  4. waiting for karma says:

    I’d read your book in a heart beat. I’ve thought the same, that this tragic roller coaster ride would make a good story (If only it were only just a story), book, or lifetime movie. I hope you get published. Good luck.

  5. tentativelyhopeful says:

    I think this is a terrific idea – most affair books are written from the perspective of the therapist as a self help book or similar, with snippets of examples from different couples who have experienced affairs and their stories of recovery. I don’t know any publishers – but I do know people who have self published. And now-a-days – publish on demand from sites like blurb or issuu are convenient. I helped the chair of the department where I went to grad school get her book ready for publication through Princeton Arch Press and it was a great experience – tedious, but such a thrill when the book was finally published.

  6. Foolish Woman says:

    Sorry I can’t help with publishing info or contacts – but this is a great idea and I look forward to reading the book.
    More power to your pen!

  7. Better Off says:

    I will be your first customer. You have no idea how therapeutic this blog has been.

  8. Have you written your book yet? I would like to read it.

    • No i haven’t mainly for the reason that in 2013 I lost my father, and have been managing estate affairs. That aside, I am not really certain how one gets started down that path.

      • I’m sorry for the death of your father.

        Also you can take you blog entries right here and order them by date and by topic and put that order into a book. Or I mean that you already have your content right here. What you only have to do is put these entries as a book :).

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