I wanted to let all of my readers know that I have just started a page on Facebook devoted to this blog, and this journey. If you are on Facebook, I would like to invite you to like my page which is entitled “Rescuing My Marriage”.

You will notice when you search for that page, that two pages of the same name come up. That’s because I had started one, and then realized that I hadn’t used appropriate capital letters in my title, and attempted to start over, not realizing it would have created the first one if I hadn’t completed before step process. Nonetheless, one of them has followers, the other one has none, and you will obviously want to Like the page that has existing followers.

The page is currently blank, Avitts I have not added any content yet, but will be using the page to advertise new blog posts, to share quotes and words of comfort, to share cartoons which appropriately mock women who choose to engage in this horrid lifestyle.

Please join me on this page, and I look forward to interacting with you there also.



  1. I did it.
    hmmm, I then went back because I wanted to Like it as my fan page, but it says I already did. I thought I was signed in using my regular account…but I don’t know how to use social media very well, so maybe I was signed is as The Hero’s Spouse.
    You may come like me if you would like also.

  2. tentativelyhopeful says:

    I have it bookmarked, but can’t really like it with my personal account. No one knows that I’ve been touched by infidelity….

    • Nothing says you’ve had infidelity just cause you like a page, I reasoned and then went ahead and liked my own page. Lol. Could be my friend’s page and I am offering my support. Could be I’m researching for a paper…but that’s ok.

      • tentativelyhopeful says:

        You’re right! I’ll think about it, but I do value my anonymity….

      • You and me both sistah 🙂

        You can also hide all of your recent likes from your timeline into that your followers can see what you have liked recently or what groups you are a part of.

      • Actually this is a common reason–as I’ve heard it from those at my forum. I have over 950 at the forum and not even 150 facebook likes. But then, I also am lost when it comes to facebook marketing.

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