Gender differences healing from an affair

It’s amazing to me. Men and women heal differently and draw different conclusions from the affairs of their partners, and yet we all have the same basic needs: love, support, reassurance that we are chosen and worth loving, patience, time, and honesty.

Here is a link to some information on how men can heal from the affairs of their wives and links to the audio from some teleseminars on the topic.

when men heal from their wives’ affairs



  1. There is hope – there is always hope for rebuilding your marriage. So I send you hope for your journey as you rebuild. Almost five years after the devastation in my marriage – it is better now than it ever was. It requires hard work and courage to face the pain – but the relationship we have now is worth it. (NOT worth the price the affair wrenched from our lives – but worth the work of rebuilding.) Affairs are simply about PAIN PAIN and more PAIN, for everyone. The dynamics of the healing journey when a wife has an affair are different – but the essentials are the same. So – be strong and courageous … there is healing to be found.

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