The culture of infidelity

We’ve all heard them, those twangy country songs about a cheating heart,  a betrayed faithful wife…some great catchy song that screams pain and heartache.  I grew up lstening to my parent’s love of country music, but I was never a fan…I just found the lyrics were always so sad, bellyaching about someone’s disappointment, heartache, loss…blech

I turned to top 40 😉

But once this happens to you, once infidelity sneaks its way into your life, you view the world through its lens.  I’ve become accustomed to hearing infidelity in song lyrics, and can now, better than ever, identify with the pain the artist is conveying because I feel like the song was written for me.

But, what about those songs that seem to promote infidelity?  Like in the 2011 hit “I like it” by Enrique Iglesias where he sings “My girlfriend’s out of town and I’m all alone.  Your boyfriend’s on vacation and he doesn’t need to know”

or the most recent hit by Nicki Minaj where she claims to want a man she knows is married and has a wife at home, but just wants one night….

It’s really sad what our music industry is telling young impressionable women….go take a man, even if he is married, it doesn’t matter.  Hurt the wife and kids, take what is yours.  WTF?

Is it just me? I preferred the old country tunes from the perspective of the woman scorned because THAT I could relate to and get behind.  This trash?  Hardly.   How can we advocate walking into a marriage and just taking a prize?

The sad part is that before I actually LISTENED to the song, I actually liked it 😦

Personally, I like the ones where a woman scorned gets even, like this one:



  1. says:

    love that song from Carrie ……lucky husband didnt own a car at the

  2. exercisegrace says:

    There is so much tv I can’t watch anymore, so much music I can’t listen to (most of my ipod!!!) and music used to be so important to me. I also love to read, but have to carefully limit what genre I choose from and even then I get a nasty surprise once in a while. I feel like my world has shrunk. My guard is up and not very much is safe. Hate it. Hate it. Hate it.

  3. That’s exactly how I feel exercisegrace. Understand completely!!

  4. Exercisegrace says:

    The sad truth is that many people have been hurt by infidelity. But instead of saying this is something I would never do to someone else, they rewrite the rule book and claim it as the new acceptable.

  5. I used to love the show Mad Men….. Watched it with my husband and everything. Now it makes me sick. I can’t tolerate the infidelity that surrounds usin the media.

  6. Foolish Woman says:

    I may not often comment but I do read and appreciate your blog and have nominated you for the Liebster Award.

  7. The heartache I’ve experienced took me from hard rock to country music. I can sing & cry. I am also a fan of the angry country like Before He Cheats. I was so close to beating the hell out of my husbands old sport car when I found out. I feel like I prefer the country now because the bubble gum pop/top 40 stuff just irritates me.
    When dday #1 happened, I couldn’t listen to music at all because it seemed like every song was saying cheating was ok. I know it wasn’t that bad, but I was hurting that bad. It was six months before I could listen again. That is when I started listening to the cry in your [wine] country stuff.
    I can’t read fiction with infidelity or watch movies either, even four years later. I don’t think the pain will let me ever again.

    I find it sad that media in general is justifying infidelity to impressionable people. There is no value placed on integrity and loyalty to spouses, or even friendships. It seems to justify grabbing your own happiness at any cost. Sickening.

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