Take your life back

If anyone is interested in this amazing weekend seminar, I will be coaching alongside Anne and Brian Bercht to bring healing and happiness back into the lives of women betrayed by those they love.

It is a very powerful weekend, not to be missed if you can afford it.

There are 4 spots left for the October 4-6th weekend in Charlotte, NC!



  1. Been there for the Take Your Life Back Seminar. It changed my life. I highly recommend it!!!

  2. Where is the information for what you’re referring to? Thanks!

  3. I really would like to meet with you RMM, in real life as I live within a couple hours driving area. I have a hard time justifying the costs for the take my life back seminar as I don’t feel I need that sort of counseling, being so far out in recovery. I put a call in to Anne to see if we can work out something ?

    • It would be great to meet you as well. Truthfully, the weekend is a fantastic empowering and rejuvenating weekend for all women regardless of their circumstances.

      We all go through this life with challenges and obstacles which leave a mark on us. Affairs and their recovery, or just one of the many bruises that we women encounter over the course of our lifetime. We will experience grief, loss, betrayal in many ways. This weekend is about more than just affairs. It’s about finding yourself, learning your path, and letting go of the baggage that holds us hostage.

      I made many friends through this seminar, and we all continue to stay in touch online. We follow one another’s stories, we give advice, and we hold each other up.

      It would be lovely to meet you as well. If you end up doing any individual coaching with and, she is absolutely lovely. But, if you decide to take a chance and join us for the weekend, it will be lovely to finally meet you.

  4. Agree! This is a wonderful weekend and I highly recommend it!

  5. I wish this would be in the UK as well…..

  6. Sorry they sold out before I could commit. I had some conflicts with scheduling as I am remodeling my yard and porch.
    If you do this again, let me know please.

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