Toronto Affair Recovery Seminar

I am often asked “if you could pick one thing that propelled you forward in your healing, what would that one thing be?” Hands down, it was attending the “healing from affairs” weekend with Anne and Brian Bercht.

Anne and Brian are affair recovery specialists. They have helped hundreds and hundreds of couples heal their marriages. They have also helped hundreds and hundreds more who were interested in reconciling come to terms with the affair and forgive, allowing the betrayed spouse to no longer be at the mercy of the affair.

I have been asked by Anne and Brian Bercht to put out feelers to see if there are any readers near Toronto, Canada who would be interested in one of their seminars in April 2014?

In order to commit to offering it, they would require at least ten participants. In order to show your commitment only a $500 deposit would be required instead of full payment.

If you want to find out more about what they do, visit
and check out “seminars”. It truly is life-changing and I can’t recommend their programs enough.

You need to know that these seminars rarely if ever come to that area, and rarely to Canada. If you live there, or can get there, take advantage of this opportunity. It won’t happen again for many years. Find change now.

Comment below if you would be interested in placing a deposit towards an April 2014 date so that they can make this happen for you!



  1. I would be interested in this. I’m an hour from Toronto. My wife is gone and is continuing her adultery. I no longer wish our marriage to be reconciled, but I would perhaps attend this on my own, to assist my own healing.

  2. I would love to come to this seminar however the cost is beyond my means at the present time. Unfortunately my husband lost his job shortly after meeting the OW and his involvement with her and his own inner guilt and our process nearly destroyed him. He is just finally back to work in the last six months and we are recovering financially. I do believe this would be highly beneficial to me as I have been reading their website since the onset of discovery and as well have read Anne Bercht’s book, however I can’t afford the cost. I hope it works out that they do come to the Toronto area. Although I am almost 2 years post D Day I know it would be of benefit to share with someone who has been through the same experience. I have only shared our situation with only a handful of people. Thanks for your website. Wish we were in the same city so I could attend your BAN meetings! Your insight is invaluable.

  3. Heartbroken says:

    Hi I stumbled onto your blog having found myself in similar circumstances. I have been with my fiancé for 6 years and have a almost three year old. I caught him on a date while he was away working. At that time he promised it was just a kiss as he was lonely and doubting us but regretted it completely. That was a year and a half ago. A week ago I received a phone call from a woman stating she was the father of her one year old and was going to be starting a claim for child support. I’m devasted!

    He has since informed me it was a one night stand and was the worst mistake of his life.

    I feel like he has ruined my child and my lives. But I love him. And can’t bare the thought of our lives without him. I live in a different country so a lot of the support you found is not available to me. Help!

    Thanks for your blog it makes me feel less alone. Also my heart goes out to you xxxx

  4. Annaliese says:

    I am in Australia and I have just arrived home from the Take Your Life Back seminar that Anne and Brian did in Brisbane. I can’t recommend it enough. We don’t really have a culture of self help/therapy/personal development workshops in Australia and I was very hesitant to begin with but it was such a positive experience and has completely changed the way I view my life and my situation. I really encourage anyone with even the slightest interest to do whatever they can to get there. And also I’m so glad I decided to share a room – for anyone hesitant about that aspect, it turned out to be great

  5. I would be interested yes. Is it still on?

  6. Cindy Raley says:

    I would definitely be interested. When is it? What do I need to do to sign up?

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