Amazing opportunity for a betrayed wife

As many of you know who read my blog, I coach other women who are experiencing the pain and trauma of an affair with Anne and Brian Bercht.

Anne and Brian are professional affair recovery specialists. who’s guided, gentle approach has helped hundreds and hundreds of couples, and betrayed wives heal from the pain of an affair.

Whether you are looking to reconcile your marriage, or whether you have already turned away from that possibility, you as a betrayed partner will still need to heal, whether with or without your partner by your side.
They created a program specifically oriented towards the distinct needs of the betrayed spouse, called the “take your life back” retreat. I blogged about it a few posts back, so I will not reiterate to heavily what the program is about, but I do encourage you to visit their website at

I know that the readers of this blog come from around the world. For those in Canada, and more specifically from Toronto, there is a retreat taking place this coming weekend April 12-14, 2014 in Toronto Canada. For this specific seminar, two scholarships are available for anyone who is seeking the support, who would like to attend, but who may have difficulty for financial reasons. The value of each scholarship assessed at $750, and takes half of the price off of the seminar for you. There are only two of these available, so if anyone is interested in attending this retreat, the one in Toronto Canada has scholarships available.

Email the organizers at and let them know you want to take advantage of the scholarships but do it NOW because it is first come, first served, and this information is being disseminated in other places also.

Wishing all the best, always, to anyone going through this. With a heart to help.



  1. Anne and Brian coach couple where the unfaithful spouse is a good person who meant their wedding vows but got Themselves involved in an affair. Posters who trash couples for working their marriage out towards healing don’t understand this key part. The OW in my case has spent 30 years stalking and injecting herself into dozens marriages until the husband often has an affair with her. It is the only affair these husbands have ever had and they were hunted for years before getting involved with her. The pain is intense and only a betrayed spouse can understand, but if the unfaithful partner (who is truly regretful) is willing to do all the hard work and take responsibility for their actions, find out why they had the affair, work on themselves and affair prevention….then most marriages can be healed. These are the kind of unfaithful spouses who are worth fighting for.

  2. Would LOVE to go but too far away! 😦

  3. Marathongypsy says:

    mistresses feel the pain too of not being with the man they risked their happiness to be with despite his promises to leave the wife. For me I now fill my life with activities to take my mind away from the hurt that they both caused me. I had to suffer her texts and emails and his lies. Mistresses have feelings too.

    • I don’t think anyone refutes the fact that mistresses have feelings. They are human beings. The fact is that they made immoral choices to try and steal a married man from his family and that has consequences. What did you “risk” exactly? Yes, I’m sure the wife had a lot to say once she found out about you…and probably not the kindest things, but is her reaction unjustified given the circumstances? Why do OW think it’s ok to walk into a marriage and sleep with a man whose promised to another and then act all surprised when the wife reacts. Is it rocket science? Would you react differently if it were reversed?

      • whynotmoveon? says:

        these OW are not walking into your life-they are not signing up for a relationship with you of any description and you really have no right to judge them- your husband (regardless of what he has promised you) has walked into someone elses life and started something new.

  4. There are other places to go for sympathy, Marathongypsy. You’ll find little to none from betrayed spouses. Of course the wife reacted negatively, and her reaction is justified. If all you had to deal with were some texts and emails then consider yourself lucky, no matter how angry
    and hurtful they were. I can promise you, nothing an OW or OM suffers comes close to the pain a betrayed spouse experiences. It’s a brutal pain that can’t be described to someone who hasn’t experienced it. That kind of pain begets anger and rage. Being on the receiving end of it… well, that’s often one of the consequences of the choice made by those who betray their spouses, and for the affair partners as well.
    You were willing to have an affair with a married man. No matter how you may try to justify it, that is not okay. There is a woman who suffers deeply because of what you and her husband did. The only suffering I have sympathy for is hers.

  5. Appreciate your work, and your recommendation of Anne Bercht…we use the material on her website to help train our own peer counselors. She seems like a phenomenal woman, as do you for your bravery and wisdom.

    The author of Chatty Chicky referred me to you and says hi! I don’t know how to contact you privately but would love to connect to share ideas and resources. We’re always seeking ideas on how to raise funds, too, and sometimes a conversation can propel us in a new direction….

    Laura S.
    Exec Director
    Infidelity Counseling Network

  6. Drummerboy says:

    I’m a husband who betrayed my wife and having read marathongypsy’s comment my response is such. Women who knowingly target weak stupid gullible married men into affairs know exactly what they are doing. They have the games skills of a top manipulator. They often have keep shallow friends to promote their victim hood to & of both genders. They are often sick ugly lying game players. Marathongypsy would have no doubt asked a friend to contact the wife and said some pretty ugly things such as being used to bring a mistress and used to her lovers sleeping with their wives.
    marathingypsy would have sobbed at the ugly things she has heard the wife say but also used those words to promote herself as the victim.
    Marathongypsy will then go off and promote herself as victim to mutual friends as the husband and plead suicidal feelings. All whilst she is in her house sipping wine and gloating as well as planning her next vicious move. Marathongypsy would then promote herself in any way she could to impact on the wife and husband always reminding them of her self perceived power and status. She will over plug herself on Facebook adding hundreds to her page to feed her need for ego strokes.
    Marathongypsy your type are better off finding out why you are so hateful to towards other women than concentrating on feeding your victim image.

    • I agree. The OW in my situation has her friends, husband and even her father who support her lifestyle of hunting gullible kind families and eventually having affairs with the husbands. The father convinces the husband that affairs are normal and the husband befriends the wife (e.g., me) and would take me and all our children boating, horseback riding etc. so his wife and my husband could be alone in the campsite to have sex in our motor home or trailer….just like her affair with his brother before, their former friends etc. She would encourage me to use he re suite bathroom and then be in her bedroom when I came out…show me where she hangs up her new lingerie ( gift from my husband), be naked by her bed where she would stand for my husband….on and on…tell me I’m a terrible wife….but by that point this psychopath had my husband and me caught in her evil web…if you hit someone you can go to prison, but if you emotionally and pyschologically abuse people, you just get to keep on doing it over and over but the scars left are worse than physical.

    • whynotmoveon? says:

      drummerboy- a typical response from a cheating man…”I was weak, she manipulated me, blah,blah,blah” -stating that women who get involved with married men hate other women…lol..sooo typical

      • Sounds like a bitter person whose been on the other end of the ugly stick of infidelity…follow your name and move on.

      • Waiting for you to move on…back to your dark ugly corner. Buh bye.

      • Whynotmoveon: FYI this woman is proud of being a mistress and announces that she is used to being mistress… She went on to damage another man’s reputation when he wised up to her bs.. But you probably know that as yr the evil spawn that is marathongypsy.

  7. Drummer boy says:

    What I have learnt from ‘mistresses’ is the lack of compassion they have. They deliberately target married men as married men are easy and compliant. And they themselves have experienced the trauma of being cheated upon and are deeply hurt by a past lover.
    Why are married men easy and compliant? Because many men do not realise that relationships and intimacy take effort and commitment and that marriages/relationships are sacred. Many couples do not appreciate that behind the facade of presenting that a relationship is ok lies the need to surrender yourself to a relationship fully; which means after the first few years of passion to become committed to keep a relationship alive that will grow your soul and that intimacy is more than sex. it’s about cracking yourself open and bring truly honest with the person you love.
    Something that a dumb ass mistress like Marathongypsy will not get. These women operate from a place of narcissism; malice and intent. The battle also moves from the enticing of a married man to hurting and destroying other women. So whynotmoveon do exactly that. Get yourself a therapist work on your traumas, transform or get off the planet. Simple.

  8. Would be a great seminar for the betrayed spouse. I’ve had known few people who is the OW and they are quite stubborn to just give it up and look for a man of their own – and I could not do anything but shake my head. – R Standley

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