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  1. Theresa says:

    I joined this group a couple of years ago in the midst of the discovery of my husbands affair. This article is parallel to my story. We tried to work through it and the lies would not stop.
    Today I’m grateful I finally left. He now is getting married to the mistress, but here’s the clincher. She did me a favor though she doesn’t know it she just bought herself into a grandiose narcissist relationship. My recent discovery of what he is and his subtle abuse has liberated me. I now have a road map out of the insanity. I didn’t realize what a toll this was on me. I would focus on “winning” the relationship. Of course he would perpetuate it to keep me sick.
    My best advice to anyone out there suffering from this is to go to YouTube and watch the videos on narcissists by Sam Vaknin. I highly recommend educating yourself for your own liberation and sanity. We are stronger than we give ourselves credit for. Once the momentum starts it doesn’t take long to regain ourselves back and never kid yourself that he has your best interests at heart, only you can.
    Much love out to those still in there struggling to find a way out. You don’t have to feel like a shell of a person anymore. Life can be exuberant again, you just have to find YOU!

    • Thank you Theresa, I have been 9 months in this hell…37 years of marriage…picking up my pieces slowly, but still married, and trying to find myself to get out an actually live.

  2. confused says:

    Let me see if I read this correctly. The husband had an affair, promised to stop, resumed a few years laters and got the mistress pregnant, then confessed to having several other affairs earlier in the marriage & the wife is STAYING. Who is she kidding? She’s not just concerned for her children’s security – she just doesn’t want the mistress to win and it’s clouded her judgement big time. You can tell that the article was written by her in third person – the tone of the whole thing says it all. The mistress is the villain, the vulture who set her sights to trap her husband. The husband has been portrayed as the victim of a con-artist. Maybe so, but he got himself into that situation, he put his children’s family unit in danger, he took the risk of possibly contracting an STD and bringing it home, HE is the common denominator but this article is only concerned with portraying the mistress in the worst possible light. I guess this is how most betrayed wives choose to cope – by projecting their anger at the third party. It’s so pathetic that she focuses on the great sex and chemistry that they have and therefore her husband is worth forgiving despite the fact that he can’t even spell the word truth. But whatever helps her sleep at night – that marriage isn’t going to last once she wakes up and sees her husband for what he truly is.

  3. It is tragic when a man cheats on his wife and children, and so much more tragic when he hands over the type of control to a whore that results in an ill-conceived pregnancy. It may be an unpopular opinion, but I don’t think this couple owes her or her child anything other than legally mandated child support. While the child is indeed innocent, his mother chose to bring him into the situation. The legitimate children of the marriage are innocent as well. They deserve first consideration. If a woman is morally bankrupt enough to cheat with a married man, I am certain she would not hesitate to stoop to the level of using her child for financial gain and as means of punishing the cheating husband and torturing the betrayed wife. Personally, my husband would have to choose. His real family or the whore and her child. I would not want this in our lives in way, shape or form.

  4. I thought you might enjoy my blog post on this topic, published yesterday.

    “Parenting with a Broken Heart”

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