1. This is a very cryptic post. I followed you a lot back in the day. I hope you’re OK. 😦

  2. A friend at heart says:

    I hope you are ok too. this does not look good at all.

  3. Sperm Donors Wife says:

    I am never surprised, but always shocked. I do hope you are enduring. Please Give Loving Forgiveness to yourself for hoping or trusting that things would be different.

    What is the saying, ? The more things change the more things stay the same. But we still can always choose to love ? We just must reinforce the consequences, and protect ourselves otherwise, like wearing gloves when we know our friendly pet snake just might bite us. I love Esops Fables, as well as the Wizard of Oz for truisms.

    The ones we chose to love are simply, fallible humans,… of course they will eventually let us down. It is in the nature of living with another persons self serving interests. Sometimes they make poor choices. Don’t betrayers always fear the consequences of their bad choices, which is why they want to hide it from us when their manure surfaces.
    Thinking of you.

  4. Angelina says:

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    • I’ve actually developed a pretty good sense about how to find out all by myself. Caught him in his second one with only my own resources. Cheating leaves clues.

      • Hi,

        I don’t mean to pry but will you be posting an update or is this the end of the blog? I hope you’re doing the best you can after this, your website is amazing and I followed for years xx

  5. My Heart Breaks says:

    My heart breaks for you. I imagine the pain this time around is worse than finding out about his first affair. I remember your posts about forgiveness and healing and how you truly believed you’d never find yourself in this place again. What changed? I look forward to your post the day you decide you are ready to share your journey.

  6. Any update?

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