Teleseminar recording is now available – Come listen!

Betrayed spouses…if you missed the opportunity to hear the teleseminar that took place this past week, on Tuesday night, February 5th, you can now hear it online.

Anne Bercht invited me to join her on the call this past week and share my story.  Those who have been following my blog know it well, but if you would want to listen in to the discussion that was had, click on this link to be taken to the recording, and think of attending future ones live, or just enjoy listening to past calls on the beyond affairs tele seminars page. 




Join me in tonight’s teleseminar!

If you have been betrayed and want to join a teleseminar with Anne Bercht, I will be on the call tonight!

Join us 🙂

Date: Tuesday, February 5, 2013
Time: 6 pm Pacific / 9 pm Eastern
Topic: For Betrayed Wives Only
Hosts: Brian & Anne Bercht
Dial: 1-626-677-3000
Access Code: 299301#

Date: Monday, February 11, 2013
Time: 6 pm Pacific / 9 pm Eastern
Hosts: Passionate Life Coaches Guy & Tammie
Topic: Guy & Tammie share their personal story of healing, and
what they did right to make it happen, so you can make it happen
too! There will be opportunity to ask questions.
Dial: 1-626-677-3000
Access Code: 759632#

Complementary Teleseminars September 20th & 22nd

If you are healing from an affair, you won’t want to miss the opportunity to be a part of a teleseminar with Anne and Brian Bercht.  Author of the book “My husband’s affair became the best thing that ever happened to me” (yes, she hated the title too at first), the seminars offer insights and tools which I personally always find uplifting.  Sometimes, just being in the presence of others going through what you are feeling is healing.  You need not participate, or even speak if you don’t want to – just listen.

These teleseminars are recorded for the benefit of those who can’t attend in person but who wish to hear the content.  Take a listen to some of the past teleseminars here.

The information for the upcoming teleseminar is:

Phone: 1-626-677-3000
Access Code: 688685#
Date: Thursday, September 20
Time: 6 PM Pacific / 9 PM Eastern
Hosts: Brian & Anne Bercht

Phone: 1-626-677-3000
Access Code: 688685#
Date: Saturday, September 22
Time: 10 AM Pacific / 1 PM Eastern
Hosts: Brian & Anne Bercht


Free tele seminar tonight on healing the betrayed spouse

If you have just found out that your partner had an affair, welcome to the club.  It is the club that no one wants a membership in, and one in which many of us have been thrust, unprepared.

There has been no greater pain in my life than the discovery of my husband’s affair.  I’ve since lost my mother, and the pain of that didn’t even touch the pain that was caused by the humiliation and betrayal exacted on me by someone who professed to love me so deeply.  I can close my eyes, and go right back to what that felt like.  Some days, I still feel it.  I don’t think that will ever go away.

For those of you who struggle with how to move on, whether to move on, how to heal, and what your spouse’s role is, I invite you to attend this free tele seminar, offered by Anne and Brian Bercht, the former is the author of “My husband’s affair became the best thing that happened to me”.   From their site:


Topic: How to Take Your Life Back after you’ve been betrayed
Date: TUESDAY, AUGUST 7, 2012
Dial: 1-626-677-3000
Access Code: 688685#
Hosts: Passionate Life Coaches Guy & Tammie

Guy & Tammie will also be discussing how the unfaithful spouse,
if pursuing reconciliation, can help the betrayed spouse heal.
They will discuss dealing with low self-esteem, blame, shame,
obsessing about the past and how to really learn from the pain and
have the best life you can…what does that journey look like and
is it even possible.

To listen to the tele seminar all you have to do is call the number
listed above at the scheduled time, and enter the access code
provided when prompted. You can choose to sit back and just listen,
or you can ask a question when the opportunity is presented. You
can remain anonymous by using a first name and your state only …
and we don’t care if you make it up, it’s just nice to have a
way to identify you if you do choose to speak during the seminar.

If you can make the time, these teleseminars are a great place to realize that you aren’t alone.  They give you ideas to start out, and even if you are well on your journey, I just find the company of others in the same boat comforting.

Support through listening

For those who are experiencing the aftermath of an affair, listening to others who share your journey is really healing.

Below is a link to a tele-seminar with Anne Brecht, the author of “My husband’s affair became the best thing that ever happened to me”. It covers the healing process, and touches on some of the points in my last post.

I hope you find it helpful 😉


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